hevosenkenkä englanniksi   horseshoe


*: And what has been thus affirmed of other leading commodities; the blacksmith, for example, no longer making, but buying his horseshoes, nails, nuts, and bolts;

*: Each player has a turn at tossing his horseshoes, one at a time, at the stob opposite him. His opponent then throws his horseshoes.

*: If there are no missing teeth and tooth alignment is good, two opposing well-defined horseshoes are seen. If, however, your denitition is mal-aligned or is missing anterior teeth, this pattern too should be reflected in the bite mark.

*: The lateral head of your triceps forms the outside of the horseshoe, the long head forms the inside, the medial head lies beneath the long head, and the tendon occupies the flat space in the middle.

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