hevoskotka englanniksi   hippogriff fi


*: To talk of being able to ride with stirrups, is trifling: get on Pegasus, bestride the hippogryph, or mount the white nag in the Revelation.

*: Je crains done quil faudra que nous nous contentions de quelque moyen plus simple et plus facile, comme dun enchanteur à gages, un hippogriffe, ou au moins de quelque génie bienfaisant, …

*: So I doubt we must be content with some more simple and easy method, such as a magician in our pay, a hippogryph, or at least some kind genius, …

*: Yet the work is surely not a mere map of the hippogryffon wanderings of some disordered imagination…

*: I imagine a Hippogryph. The Hippogryph is at once the object of the act and the act itself. Abstract the one, the other has no existence: deny me the consciousness of the Hippogryph, you deny me the consciousness of the imagination; I am conscious of zero; I am not conscious at all.

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