hiertyä englanniksi   bark fi


: The neighbours dog is always barking.

: The seal barked as the zookeeper threw fish into its enclosure.

*: They bark, and say the Scripture maketh heretics.

*: Where there is the barking of the belly, there no other commands will be heard, much less obeyed. .

: The sergeant barked an order.

*: Fox’s clumsy figure, negligently dressed in blue and buff, seemed unprepossessing; only his shaggy eyebrows added to the expression of his face; his voice would rise to a bark in excitement.

*: Moving about 70 miles per hour, it crashed through the sturdy old-growth trees, snapping their limbs and shredding bark from their trunks.

*: This softens the meat further, but at some loss of crunch to the bark.

: to bark one’s heel

: bark the roof of a hut

*: It is the star to every wandering bark

*: Whether my bark went down at sea, Whether she met with gales, ...

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