hikoilla englanniksi   sweat


*: When the sweat comes back this summer, 1528, people say, as they did last year, that you wont get it if you dont think about it.

: rfquotek|Holinshed

: the sweat of hay or grain in a mow or stack

: rfquotek|Mortimer

: His physicians attempted to sweat him by most powerful sudorifics.

: Ive been sweating over my essay all day.

: to sweat a spendthrift; to sweat labourers

*: There are few matters studio executives sweat more than maintaining their franchises.

: to sweat blood

*: With exercise she sweat ill humors out.

: The cheese will start sweating if you dont refrigerate it.

: Stop sweatin me!

*: The only use of it [money] which is interdicted is to put it in circulation again after having diminished its weight by sweating, or otherwise, because the quantity of metal contains is no longer consistent with its impression.

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