hiljentää englanniksi   quiet fi, silence fi, turn down fi, shut up fi, mute fi, intimidate fi, quieten fi, muffle fi


: ux|en|I cant hear the music; it is too quiet.

: ux|en|the sea was quiet; a quiet night at home; all quiet on the Western [[front]]

: ux|en|The traffic was quiet for a Monday morning.

: ux|en|Business was quiet for the season.

: ux|en|Hes a very quiet man usually, but is very chatty after a few beers.

: a quiet dress; quiet colours; a quiet movement

: a quiet install

: When you quiet, we can start talking.

: Can you quiet your child? Hes making lots of noise.

: The umpire quieted the crowd, so the game could continue in peace.

: There was a strange quiet in the normally very lively plaza.

: We need a bit of quiet before we can start the show.

: ux|en|When the [[motor]] stopped, the silence was almost deafening.

: ux|en|"You have the right to silence," said the police officer.

*: The administration itself keeps a profound silence.

: ux|en|During silence a message came to me that there was that of God in every person.

: Can you silence the crowd, so we can start the show?

: Silence the critics.

: Silence the doubters.

: He turned down all our offers of help.

: Turn down the television so I can hear myself think.

: When it starts to boil, turn down the heat to a simmer.

: Turn down the blankets to let them air out.

*: "You know the doctors ways, sir," replied Poole, "and how he shuts himself up. Well, hes shut up again in the cabinet; and I dont like it, sir—I wish I may die if I like it. Mr. Utterson, sir, Im afraid."

: You are talking so loud that I cant hear the music — would you mind shutting up?

: He was blathering on about something, but I managed to shut him up.

: "I got accepted to Yale!" / "Shut up, really? Thats awesome!"

*: She did not come to Court, but she must have been taken to Montagus house, for the Clerkenwell house was all shut up and was to be sold.

*: Open sheds are too much exposed to drifting snow, and they cannot be shut up and made warm enough for early lambing.

*: Beaudeck is a very shut-up place.

*: Thus, while the mute creation downward bend / Their sight, and to their earthly mother tend, / Man looks aloft; and with erected eyes / Beholds his own hereditary skies. / From such rude principles our form began; / And earth was metamorphosd into Man.

*: All the heavenly choir stood mute, / And silence was in heaven.

*: “... The heathens have broken into Thy Temple, and Thou art silent! Esau mocks Thy Children, and Thou remainest mute! Show thyself, arise, and let Thy Voice resound, Thou mutest among all the mute!”

*: As for the poor honest Maid, whom all the Story is built upon, and who ought to be one of the principal Actors in the Play, she is commonly a Mute in it:

*: The little box was eventually carried in one hand by the leading mute, while his colleague, with a finger placed on the lid, to prevent it from swaying, walked to one side and a little to the rear.

*: Then followed a long silence during which the mute turned to them and said, ‘Of course youll be wanting an urn, sir?’

: Please mute the music while I make a call.

*: All the pigeons, to the number of thirty-five, flew to and fro over the mens heads and muted upon them from mid-air;...

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: rfquotek|Hudibras

*: Have I muted all my feathers?[[Category:en:Silence]][[Category:en:Talking]]----

: Hes trying to intimidate you. If you ignore him, hopefully hell stop.

*: The face lies muffled up within the garment.

*: He muffled with a cloud his mournful eyes.

*: muffled up in darkness and superstition

: to muffle the strings of a drum, or that part of an oar which rests in the rowlock

*: The singers voice was muffled by the thick walls, yet Tyrion knew the verse.

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