hund englanniksi   hound sv


*: On the way out of the building I was asked for my autograph. If Id known who the signature hound thought I was, I wouldve signed appropriately.

*: I still do not know if hes taken on this case because hes a glory hound, because he wants the PR, or if he simply wanted to help Anna.

*: "Are you alone, Goodson? ... I thought, perhaps, that the ... young woman, Goodson, who supplanted Mary?"...

*: "She had a good many successors, John."

*: "You are such a hound, in that respect, Goodson," said Claywell, "and you have always been such a hound, that it astounds me to find you—unaccompanied."

*: Boy! false hound!

*: You blackmailing hound, the parrot said distinctly, in what Hodges recognized as General Derbys voice. Anstruther turned pale.

: He hounded me for weeks, but I was simply unable to pay back his loan.

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