huolellinen englanniksi   meticulous fi, careful fi, diligent fi, mature fi, thorough fi, cautious fi


*: ‘Alas,’ sayde Sir Cadore, ‘now carefull is myne herte that now lyeth dede my cosyn that I beste loved.’

*: Where through long watch, and late daies weary toile, / She soundly slept, and carefull thoughts did quite assoile.

: He was a slow and careful driver.

: They made a careful search of the crime scene.

: Scientists are very diligent in their work.

: She is quite mature for her age.

: The headmaster decided to expel the boy after a mature consideration.

: The Prime Minister announced a thorough investigation into the death of a father of two in police custody.

: He is the most thorough worker I have ever seen.

: The infested house needs a thorough cleansing before it will be inhabitable.

: It is a thorough pleasure to see him beg for mercy.

*: Ye might haue seene the frothy billowes fry / Vnder the ship, as thorough them she went [...].

*: You are contented to be led in triumph / Thorough the streets of Rome?

: He took a few cautious steps out the door.

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