huonekalut englanniksi   furniture fi


: ux|en|The woman does not even have one stick of furniture moved in yet.

: ux|en|How much furniture did they leave behind?

: ux|en|A chair is furniture. Sofas are also furniture.

*: Three chairs of the steamer type, all maimed, comprised the furniture of this roof-garden, with (by way of local colour) on one of the copings a row of four red clay flower-pots filled with sun-baked dustnb....

*: We commend a horse because he is strong and nimble,...and not for his furniture: a greyhound for his swiftnesse, not for his collar: a hawke for her wing, not for her cranes or bells.

*: Amongst the rich this part of a hawks furniture is ornamented with embroidery, handsome silver aigrettes, tassels and other decorations.

*: Horse furniture included a white sheepskin with red ‘wolfs teeth’; blue shabraque with yellow edging and royal cypher; blue valise with yellow edging.

*: ...a new universal pistol, one to be carried by each man, with a 9-inch barrel of musket-bore and an iron ramrod carried in the holster; the furniture was reduced to just a brass trigger guard (no butt-plate), and some were fitted with Nocks lock.

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