huutaa englanniksi   yell fi, cry fi, shout fi, scream fi


: He yelled directions to the party from the car.

*: After the dinner a general reception was held in the spacious parlors of the hotel during which the occasion was very much enlivened with the old college songs and old college yells, which transported us all in mind and feelings...

: That sad movie always makes me cry.

*: All, all, cry shame against ye, yet Ill speak.

*: The man ... ran on, crying, Life! life! Eternal life!

*: And about the ninth hour, Jesus cried with a loud voice.

*: the young ravens which cry

*: In a cowslips bell I lie / There I couch when owls do cry.

: to cry oneself to sleep

: to cry goods

*: Love is lost, and thus she cries him.

*: I should not be surprised if they were cried in church next Sabbath.

: After we broke up, I retreated to my room for a good cry.

: I heard a cry from afar.

: a battle cry

*: A cry more tunable / Was never hollaed to, nor cheered with horn.

: rfquotek|Milton

*: Would not this ... get me a fellowship in a cry of players?

: "Woof" is the cry of a dog, while "neigh" is the cry of a horse.

*: The cry goes that you shall marry her.

*: “I?ll get my wine though,” taking out her wallet.

*: “No. This is my shout,” holding up his hand as though to ward her money off.

*: Cut to the pub on a lads night out,

*: Man at the bar cos it was his shout

*: It was always my shout down the pub with Theo.

*: They ?houted thrice; what was the la?t cry for?

: rfquotek|Bishop Hall

: I?ll shout you all a drink.

: He?s shouting us all to the opening night of the play.

*: After shouting me a plate of noodles and limp vegetables, he helped me change money by introducing me to the stallholder who offered the best exchange rates.

*: ‘I have not seen my cousin Patrick in years,’ Martin answered defensively. ‘I doubt that, considering the way our lives have gone, an officer of the King?s army would be shouting me a drink in Mr O?Riley?s pub these days....

*: Anyhow, he obviously bore no grudge against Kiwis, for he shouted me a beer and opened another one for himself, punctuating the operation with a spectacular and resounding fart that by all the laws of physical science should have left his trousers flapping in smouldering shreds.

*: Truth is, I notice the other blokes who have been shouting me nodding among themselves and thinking they?d better get in the queue if I am buying. Not likely. I am out of there.

: Please dont shout in the chat room.

: We had a real scream of a time at the beach.

*: I heard the owl scream and the crickets cry.

: He almost hit a pole, the way he came screaming down the hill.

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