hyypiö englanniksi   creep


: Lizards and snakes crept over the ground.

*: One evening, while the Rabbit was lying there alone, watching the ants that ran to and fro between his velvet paws in the grass, he saw two strange beings creep out of the tall bracken near him.

: He tried to creep past the guard without being seen.

: Prices have been creeping up all year.

: Old age creeps upon us.

*: the sophistry which creeps into most of the books of argument

: The collodion on a negative, or a coat of varnish, may creep in drying.

: The quicksilver on a mirror may creep.

: a creeping sycophant

*: to come as humbly as they used to creep

: The sight made my flesh creep.

: Christmas creep. Feature creep. Instruction creep. Mission creep

: Stop following me, you creep!

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