ilo englanniksi   lust fi, joy fi, delight fi, delectation fi, elation fi, glee fi, mirth fi, ILO en, gaiety fi


: Seeing Kim fills me with a passionate lust.

: The boarders hide their lust to go home.

*: For little lust had she to talk of aught.

*: My lust to devotion is little.

: An ideal son is his fathers lasting lust.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: He was lusting after the woman in the tight leather miniskirt.

: a childs joy on Christmas morning

: ux|en|They will be a source of strength and joy in your life.

: ux|en|the joys and demands of parenthood

*: Ye are our glory and joy.

*: A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

*: Grant had no joy with taking a nap, so he began to systematically feel if everything was working: fingers and toes, etc.

*: Rob? Its Gary. Are you having any joy with this trip to Bali? No joy at all, mate. I reckon Balis out for the foreseeable future. ...

*: Such joy made Una, when her knight she found.

*: The roofs with joy resound.

*: for oftymes or this oure lord shewed hym vnto good men and vnto good knyghtes in lykenes of an herte But I suppose from hens forth ye shalle see no more / and thenne they Ioyed moche / and dwelled ther alle that day / And vpon the morowe whan they had herde masse / they departed and commaunded the good man to god

*: I swore readily enough to this and he joyed with exceeding joy and embraced me round the neck while love for him possessed my whole heart.

*: For from the time that Scudamour her bought, / In perilous fight, she neuer ioyed daynb....

*: Who might have lived and joyed immortal bliss.

*: Joy us of our conquest.

*: To joy the friend, or grapple with the foe.

*: Neither pleasures art can joy my spirits.

*: A fool hath no delight in understanding.

*: Sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not.

*: Heavens last, best gift, my ever new delight.

*: Greensleeves was all my joy / Greensleeves was my delight, ...

*: Delight our souls with talk of knightly deeds.

: ux|en|A beautiful landscape delights the eye.

*: And he began to laugh again, and that so heartily, that, though I did not see the joke as he did, I was again obliged to join him in his mirth.

*: Their eyes met and they began to [[laugh]]. They laughed as children do when they cannot contain themselves, and can not explain the cause of their mirth to grown people, but [[share]] it perfectly together.

*: Phantasmal mirth, folded away: muskperfumed.

: ux|en|There was much gaiety at the ball.

: ux|en|The decorations added greatly to the gaiety of the room.

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