imperfekti englanniksi   past tense fi, imperfect fi, simple past fi


: "Has the

: "The bus is too far away. I can’t make it." (present tense)

: "I saw the

*: Why, then, your other senses grow imperfect.

*: Nothing imperfect or deficient left / Of all that he created.

*: Then say not mans imperfect, Heaven in fault; / Say rather, mans as perfect as he ought.

*: He ... stammered like a child, or an amazed, imperfect person.

: a book about a time machine that can transport people back into the past

*: The past, at least, is secure.

*: The present is only intelligible in the light of the past, often a very remote past indeed.

: ux|en|past glories

*: That had been, what, three years past?

*: Some four decades past, as a boy, I had a chance encounter and conversation with the late W.A. Poucher [...].

: ux|en|during the past year

: ux|en|past tense

: I watched him walk past

: Ignore them, well play past them.

: Please dont drive past the fruit stand, I want to stop there.

: the room past mine

: count past twenty

: past midnight

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