innokas englanniksi   avid fi, ambitious fi, anxious fi, ablaze fi, enthusiastic fi, devoted fi


: Im an avid reader.

*: We waited for something to happen, for anything to happen, we were avid for some event to unfold itself out of the burning nothing to save us.

*: As I grew richer I grew more ambitious, took a house in the country, and eventually married, without anyone having a suspicion as to my real occupation.

: ux|en|an ambitious style

: ux|en|I could tell she was anxious as she was biting her nails.

*: Thanks to that penny he had just spent so recklessly [on a newspaper] he would pass a happy hour, taken, for once, out of his anxious, despondent, miserable self. It irritated him shrewdly to know that these moments of respite from carking care would not be shared with his poor wife, with careworn, troubled Ellen.

*: The sweet of life, from which God hath bid dwell far off all anxious cares.

: ux|en|All the voters were anxious to hear the election result.

*: He sneers alike at those who are anxious to preserve and at those who are eager for reform.

: A young man ... of a visionary and enthusiastic character. — W. Irving.

: an enthusiastic lover of art

*: They had recently considered themselves devoted men, hurrying forwards to destruction; they now looked upon themselves as favorites of fortune, and gave themselves up to the most unbounded joy.

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