inutile englanniksi   unavailing fr, needless fr, useless fr, otiose fr, unnecessary fr, pointless fr, idle fr, inutile en, no use fr


: This new project of yours will only be a needless expense.

: This fork has prongs that are bent. Its useless now.

: I think its useless to keep this discussion going. Its like talking to a wall.

: I tried my best to make him quit smoking, but my efforts were useless. He now smokes six packs a day.

: Bill never mows the lawn, takes out the trash or anything. Hes useless, but I love him anyways.

: My brother is useless at most computer games, but he is an awesome PS2 player.

: Why do you keep trying? Youre obviously useless at it.

*: On Friday morning, I had to be at my house affairs before seven; and they kept me in Apia till past ten, disputing, and consulting about brick and stone and native and hydraulic lime, and cement and sand, and all sorts of otiose details about the chimney – just what I fled from in my father’s office twenty years ago;

: The automatic child-frightener made clowns unnecessary.

: a pointless sword

: a pointless knife

: a pointless remark

: The [[sequel]] to the film was even more pointless than the original

: Since the decision has already been made, further discussion seems pointless.

: a pointless topology

: ux|en|idle hours;  My computer [[hibernate]]s after it has been idle for 30 minutes.

: ux|en|idle workmen

*: Molly the dairymaid came a little way from the rickyard, and said she would pluck the pigeon that very night after work. She was always ready to do anything for us boys; and we could never quite make out why they scolded her so for an idle hussy indoors. It seemed so unjust. Looking back, I recollect she had very beautiful brown eyes.

: ux|en|an idle fellow

*: “I dont mean all of your friends—only a small proportion—which, however, connects your circle with that deadly, idle, brainless bunch—the insolent chatterers at the opera, the gorged dowagers, the worn-out, passionless men, the enervated matrons of the summer capital,nb...!”

: ux|en|an idle story;  idle talk;  idle rumor

: rfquotek|Ford

: to idle in an [[IRC]] channel

*: He had already heard of the young mans projected journey — evidently the Comte de Combourg had written many letters while his son idled at St. Malo ...

: rfquotek|Francis BaconWebster 1913----

: There is no use in studying medicine if there are too many doctors already.

: Its no use!

: Explaining things to you is of no use because you never listen.

*: Well it aint no use to sit and wonder why, babe

*: If een you dont know by now

*: An it aint no use to sit and wonder why, babe

*: It dont ever do somehow.

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