järjestellä englanniksi   digest fi, organize fi


: to digest laws

*: joining them together and digesting them into order

*: We have cause to be glad that matters are so well digested.

*: Feelingly digest the words you speak in prayer.

*: How shall this bosom multiplied digest / The senates courtesy?

*: Grant that we may in such wise hear them [the Scriptures], read, mark, learn, and inwardly digest them.

*: I never can digest the loss of most of Origens works.

: Food digests well or badly.

*: well-digested fruits

: Comyns Digest

: the United States Digest

: Readers Digest is published monthly.

: The weekly email digest contains all the messages exchanged during the past week.

*: This original and supreme will organizes the government.

*: These nobler faculties of the mind, matter organized could never produce.

: to organize an anthem

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