jakaminen englanniksi   division fi, allotment fi, dispensation fi, distribution fi, subdivision fi


: Ive got ten divisions to do for my homework.

: Magnolias belong to the division Magnoliophyta.

*: our charitable distributions

: The wealth distribution became extremely skewed in the kleptocracy.

*: It is al?o called a di?tribucion, when we diuide the whole, into ?euerall partes, and ?aie we haue foure poynctes, whereof we purpo?e to ?peake, comp?ehendyng our whole talke within compa??e of the?ame.

*: Di?tribution, in Rhetoric, a Kind of De?cription; or a Figure, whereby an orderly Divi?ion, and Enumeration is made of the principal Qualities of a Subject.

: Work on one subdivision at a time.

: Theyre putting in a new subdivision out past Black Ranch Road.

: Subdivide the sentence into pieces and understand it a bit at a time.

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