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: ux|en|Would you like to go sailing on my uncle’s yacht?

: ux|en|You are a true yachtsman! Are you a member of the local yacht club?

*: “I don’t mean all of your friends—only a small proportion—which, however, connects your circle with that deadly, idle, brainless bunch—the insolent chatterers at the opera,nb..., the chlorotic squatters on huge yachts,nb..., the neurotic victims of mental cirrhosis, the jewelled animals whose moral code is the code of the barnyard—!"

: ux|en|Why are you in such a big hurry?

: ux|en|There is no hurry on that paperwork.

: ux|en|Hes hurrying because hes late.

*: There is an hour or two, after the passengers have embarked, which is disquieting and fussy....Stewards, carrying cabin trunks, swarm in the corridors. Passengers wander restlessly about or hurry, with futile energy, from place to place.

: ux|en|If you dont hurry you wont finish on time.

*: Impetuous lust hurries him on.

*: They hurried him aboard a bark.

*: And wild amazement hurries up and down / The little number of your doubtful friends.

*: Esau went to the field to hunt for venison.

*: Like a dog, he hunts in dreams.

*: State Wildlife Management Areas often offer licensed hunters the opportunity to hunt deer on public lands.

: ux|en|Her uncle is out hunting deer, now that it is open season.

*: He after honour hunts, I after love.

*: My idea of retirement was to hunt seashells, play golf, and do a lot of walking.

*: What kind of woman came to an island and stayed there through a violent storm and then got up the next morning to hunt seashells? She had fine, delicate features with high cheekbones and the greenest eyes hed ever seen.

: ux|en|The little girl was hunting for shells on the beach.

: The police are hunting for evidence.

: to hunt down a criminal

: He was hunted from the parish.

*: He hunts a pack of dogs.

: ux|en|Did you hunt that pony last week?

: He hunts the woods, or the country.

*: Some children like to be caught when playing chase, and others do not.

*: So we played chase up and down the concourses of the airport.

*: Nay, Warwick, seek thee out some other chase, / For I myself must hunt this deer to death.

: to chase around after a doctor

: Chase vodka with orange juice to make a screwdriver.

: Australia will be chasing 217 for victory on the final day.

: Jones chases one out of the [[zone]] for strike two.

: The rally chased the starter.

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