käännekohta englanniksi   turning point, nick, epoch, crux, cusp, sea change, hinge, climax


: [[in the nick of time|in the nick of time]]

*: Truely he flies when he is even upon the nicke, and naturally hasteneth to escape it, as from a step whereon he cannot stay or containe himselfe, and feareth to sinke into it.

*: to cut it off in the very nick

: rfquotek|W. Savage

*: ...imps, giants, trolls, forest-spirits, elves and hobgoblins in and on the earth; nicks, river-sprites in the water, fiends in the air, and salamanders in the fire.

: a users reserved nick on an IRC network

: The car I bought was cheap and in good nick.

: He was arrested and taken down to Sun Hill nick [police station] to be charged.

: Hes just been released from Shadwell nick [prison] after doing ten years for attempted murder.

: I nicked myself while I was shaving.

*: And thence proceed to nicking sashes.

*: The itch of his affection should not then / Have nicked his captainship.

*: Words nicking and resembling one another are applicable to different significations.

*: The just season of doing things must be nicked, and all accidents improved.

*: For Warbeck, as you nick him, came to me.

: Someones nicked my bike!

: The police nicked him climbing over the fence of the house hed broken into.

: The crux of her argument was that the roadways needed repair before anything else could be accomplished.

*: The mad certitude of the ogre, Abel Tiffauges, that he stands at the crux of history and that he will be able to raise Prussia "to a higher power" (p. 180), contrasts sharply with the anxiety and doubt attendant upon most modern literary dreams.

: rfquotek|Dr. Sheridan

: The perpetual crux of New Testament chronologists. — Strauss.

*: the real crux of the climb was encountered

*: The final half-mile was the crux of the climb.

*: Most pitches have a distinct crux, or tough spot; some have multiple cruxes. ... ¶ Climb efficiently on the "cruiser" sections to stay fresh for the cruxes.

*: Continue climbing the groove; the crux is passing some vegetation on the second pitch.

: Public opinion has undergone a sea change since the 2002 elections.

*: Full fathom five thy father lies: / Of his bones are coral made: / Those are pearls that were his eyes: / Nothing of him that doth fade / But doth suffer a sea-change / Into something rich and strange.

*: Anthony Starkweather....Essentially a moral man, his rigid New England morality has suffered a sea change and developed into the morality of the master-man of affairs, equally rigid, equally uncompromising, but essentially Jesuitical in that he believes in doing wrong that right may come of it.

: This argument was the hinge on which the question turned.

*: When the moon is in the hinge at East.

*: Nor slept the winds / Within their stony caves, but rushd abroad / From the four hinges of the world.

*: Games can hinge on the sort of controversial decision made by Taylor in the 10th minute. After Rivière collected Gabriel Obertan’s pass and sashayed beyond Daley Blind he drew the United centre- half into a rash, clumsy challenge but, puzzlingly, Taylor detected no penalty.

: The flake hinged at an inclusion in the core.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: A figure which... by his [[Greek]]e and [[Latin]]e originals... may be called the marching figure... it may [[as well|aswell]] be called the [[climbing|clyming]] figure, for Clymax is as much to say as a ladder.

*: ...Expressions for the whole Climax of sensibility...

*: In the accomplishment of this, they frequently reach the climax of absurdity.

*: When he adds epithets of praise, his climax is ‘so English’. anchor|ecosystem

*: The succession of associations leading to a climax represents the process of adjustment to the conditions of stress, and the climax represents a condition of relative equilibrium. Climax associations... are the resultants of certain climatic, geological... conditions.

*: In many cases the mans climax comes so swiftly that the womans reactions are not nearly ready.

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