kätevä englanniksi   happy, convenient, dexterous, mechanical, ready, handy, clever, shrewd, natty


*: Happy is that people, that is in such a case: yea, happy is that people, whose God is the LORD.

*: The learnd is happy nature to explore, / The fool is happy that he knows no more ;

: Music makes me feel happy.

*: ...I may presume that what I have hitherto discoursed will induce you to think, that chymists have been much more happy in finding experiments than the causes of them; or in assigning the principles by which they may best be explained.

*: For instance, one lady can give an an?wer better than a?k a que?tion : one gentleman is happy at a reply ; another excels in a rejoinder : one can revive a langui?hing conver?ation by a ?udden ?urpri?ing ?entence ;....

: Are you happy to pay me back by the end of the week?

: Are you happy with your internet service provider?

: Fast food might be convenient, but its also very unhealthy.

*: We went frequently out with this boat a-fishing; and as I was most dexterous to catch fish for him, he never went without me.

*: all manner of silks were already become so vile and abject, that was any man seene to weare them, he was presently judged to be some countrie fellow, or mechanicall man.

: ux|en|mechanical engineering

: ux|en|mechanical dictionary

: ux|en|mechanical task

: ux|en|mechanical arm

: ux|en|a mechanical reply to a question

: ux|en|The pianist was too mechanical.

: ux|en|Why dont you ask Joe to fix it? Hes very mechanical.

: ux|en|The troops are ready for battle.  The porridge is ready to serve.

*: If need be, I am ready to forego / And quit.

*: Dinner was ready.

: ux|en|The seed is ready to sprout.

*: My heart is ready to crack.

: ux|en|a ready apprehension;  ready wit;  a ready writer or workman

*: ...whose temper was ready, through surly

*: ready in devising expedients

*: Molly the dairymaid came a little way from the rickyard, and said she would pluck the pigeon that very night after work. She was always ready to do anything for us boys; and we could never quite make out why they scolded her so for an idle hussy indoors. It seemed so unjust. Looking back, I recollect she had very beautiful brown eyes.

*: the readiest way

*: A sapling pine he wrenched from out the ground, / The readiest weapon that his fury found.

*: Lord Strut was not flush in ready, either to go to law, or to clear old debts.

: Some people regard duct tape as a handy fix-all.

: You wouldn’t have a screwdriver handy, would you?

: I keep a first-aid kit handy in case of emergency.

: Shes very handy - she made all her own kitchen cupboards.

*: The Highland men, theyre clever men / At handling sword and shield,

: ux|en|clever like a fox

*: The youngest of the three strange lassies was called Molly Whuppie, and she was very clever. She noticed that before they went to bed the giant put straw ropes round her neck and her sisters, and round his own lassies necks, he put gold chains. So Molly took care and did not fall asleep, but waited till she was sure every one was sleeping sound. Then she slipped out of the bed, and took the straw ropes off her own and her sisters necks, and took the gold chains off the giants lassies. She then put the straw ropes on the giants lassies and the gold on herself and her sisters, and lay down.

*: [[w:Thomas Babington Macaulay|Lord Macaulay]] has said of Bunyan: “though there were many clever men in England during the latter half of the seventeenth century, there were only two great creative minds. One of these minds produced ‘The Paradise Lost;’ the other, ‘The Pilgrims Progress.’”

*: I would have sent Alyosha, but what use is Alyosha in a thing like that? I send you just because you are a clever fellow. Do you suppose I dont see that? You know nothing about timber, but youve got an eye.

*: Be good, sweet maid, and let who will be clever; / Do noble things, not dream them all day long: / And so make life, death, and that vast forever / One grand, sweet song.

*: Mr. Woodhouse was almost as much interested in the business as the girls, and tried very often to recollect something worth their putting in. "So many clever riddles as there used to be when he was young--he wondered he could not remember them! but he hoped he should in time." And it always ended in "Kitty, a fair but frozen maid."

*: I felt they expected me to say clever things, and I never could think of any till after the party was over.

*: When a clever man is out hunting and comes across the tracks of, say, a kangaroo, he follows them along and talks to the footprints all the time for the purpose of injecting magic into the animal which made them.

*: Prior to this, the two women, who were “clever,” and possessed a certain amount of magical “power,”....

*: Fred is the clever fellow or tribal doctor who practises with the Kuku-Yalanji people. The tribal doctor’s work includes curing sickness, finding out the causes of death, predicting the future and making and stopping rain.

*: Twould sound more clever / To me and to my heirs forever.

*: The girl was a tight, clever wench as any was.

*: LEONATO. By my [[troth]], niece, thou wilt never get thee a husband, if thou be so shrewd of thy tongue.

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