kömpelö englanniksi   rustic fi, gawky fi, ham-fisted fi, bulky fi, awkward fi, cumbersome fi, uncouth fi, ponderous fi, gauche fi, unwieldy fi, heavy-handed fi, clumsy fi


*: She had a rustic, woodland air.

: ux|en|rustic manners

: ux|en|rustic country where the sheep and cattle roamed freely

*: The King looked at the motionless figure, at the little crowd of hushed expectant rustics beyond the bridge, and finally at the face of Chandos, which shone with amusement.

*: Thus this ignorant, unsophisticated but resolute agriculturist captured me. So early in 1917, we left Calcutta for Champaran, looking just like fellow rustics.

*: Than groned the knyght for his grymme woundis, and gyrdis to Sir Gawayne and awkewarde hym strykes, and...kut thorow a vaynenb....

: John was awkward at performing the trick. Hell have to practice to improve.

: That was an extremely awkward moment. Everyone was watching.

: An awkward silence had fallen.

: Im very awkward at parties.

: Things get very awkward whenever 60-year old men use [[cheesy]] [[pick-up line]]s on me.

: Hes a right awkward chap.

: These cabinets are going to be very awkward when we move.

: Cumbersome machines can endanger operators and slow down production.

: A slaves work was as cumbersome as toiling on the fields, or in the mines.

*: There was a delicious sensation of mingled security and awe with which I looked down, from my giddy height, on the monsters of the deep at their uncouth gambols.

*: [H]e saw, at the end of a shallow embrasure, a ponderous door of dark wood, braced with iron.

*: The great elephant, when the cage was being placed, would, at a signal from its keeper, place its ponderous head against one side of the cage and push.

*: It was Drydens opinion . . . that the drama required an alternation of comick and tragick scenes; and that it is necessary to mitigate, by alleviations of merriment, the pressure of ponderous events, and the fatigue of toilsome passions.

*: In its court-yard—worthy of the Castle of Otranto in its ponderous gloom—is a massive staircase.

*: For the time, her own body was the source of all the life in the world, which tried to burst forth here—there—and was repressed now by Mr. Bax, now by Evelyn, now by the imposition of ponderous stupidity.

*: Slowly, through an increasing glow that lighted land and water alike, the leviathan of the deep made her ponderous progress to the hill-encircled harbor.

*: Following his steps . . . came two elderly women of the lower middle class, one stout and ponderous, the other rosy cheeked and nimble.

*: Over supper the minister did unbend a little into one or two ponderous jokes.

*: [A]s certainly as any one said anything in her presence that she had occasion to repeat, she changed the wording to six-syllabled mouthfuls, delivered with ponderous circumlocution.

*: Ponderous thoughts take hold of the heart; musing maketh the fire to burn, and steady sight hath the greatest influence upon us.

*: The acute and ponderous mind of Dr. Johnson was not always right in its decisions.

*: They are the pleasantest of all companions, and perhaps the most affluent in correct opinions of men and things generally, although little addicted to ponderous consideration or deep research.

*: Seeking by vulgar pomp and gauche display

*: In good society, to make her way

*: She looked a trifle gauche, it struck me; more like a country girl with the hoyden taming in her than the well-bred creature she is.

*: "Hes a trifle gauche" said Lady Hammergallow, jumping upon the Vicars attention. "He neither bows nor smiles. He must cultivate oddities like that. Every successful executant is more or less gauche."

: rfex|lang=en

: Do not be too heavy-handed with the salt.

: Hes very clumsy. I wouldnt trust him with carrying the dishes.

: It is a clumsy solution, but it might work for now.

: What a clumsy joke...

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