kaavailla englanniksi   envisage fi, plan fi


: From the very dawn of existence the infant must envisage self, and body acting on self. — McCosh.

: The plans for many important buildings were once publicly available.

: He didnt really have a plan; he had a goal and a habit of control.

: Seen in plan, the building had numerous passageways not apparent to visitors.

*: The simple plan, / That they should take who have the power, / And they should keep who can.

: ux|en|The architect planned the building for the client.

: ux|en|They jointly planned the project in phases, with good detail for the first month.

: ux|en|He planned to go, but work intervened.

: ux|en|I was planning on going, but something came up.

: ux|en|They planned for the worst, bringing lots of emergency supplies.

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valtaosa turkkilainen asu ad hoc nauru laskimotulppa