kahdeksasosa englanniksi   okta fi, eighth fi


*: ...64% of the low- and 50% of the high-cloud amount differences were within ± 1 okta, although many of these successes (71% in the low-cloud amount) were for cases of totally clear or totally cloudy skies.

*: ‘Fog is traditional for the season and cloud is anticipated at six to seven oktas, sir.’

*: Mean cloud amount distributions are transformed to normal distributions. The accuracy of the method is indicated by the retrieval of the original distribution with a typical error of 14% in the frequency of each okta of cloud amount. - Author

*: For example, it has been estimated that a Landsat satellite, which revisits a particular location once every 16 days, will obtain a cloud-free scene of a particular location in Britain only once per year, and a scene with 1 okta of cloud (an okta is one eighth of the sky obscured by cloud) only twice per year.

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