kaide englanniksi   bannister, railing, banister


: During the war, everyones railings were taken away to make bombers.

: We travelled to the seaside by rail.

: a small Scottish village not accessible by rail

*: Rails alone can only ever have a marginal effect on a boards general turning ability.

*: Mottram of the Indian Survey had ridden thirty and railed one hundred miles from his lonely post in the desert ...

*: It ought to be fenced in and railed.

*: They were brought to London all railed in ropes, like a team of horses in a cart.

*: Chief Joyi railed against the white man, whom he believed had deliberately sundered the Xhosa tribe, dividing brother from brother.

: rfquotek|Fairholt

*: his breste and his brayle was bloodé – and hit rayled all over the see.

*: So furiously each other did assayle, / As if their soules they would attonce haue rent / Out of their brests, that streames of bloud did rayle / Adowne, as if their springes of life were spentnb....

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