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*: Let it be no bank or common stock, but every man be master of his own money.

: ux|en|[[blood bank]];  [[sperm bank]];  [[data bank]]

: If you want to buy a bicycle, you need to put the money in your piggy bank.

: He banked with Barclays.

: Im going to bank the money.

*: Tiber trembled underneath her banks.

*: Just upstream of Dryburgh Abbey, a reproduction of a classical Greek temple stands at the top of a wooded hillock on the river’s north bank.

: the banks of Newfoundland

: The bank of clouds on the horizon announced the arrival of the predicted storm front.

: Ores are brought to bank.

: to bank sand

*: banked well with earth

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: a bank of switches

: a bank of [[pay phone]]s

*: Placed on their banks, the lusty Trojans sweep / Neptunes smooth face, and cleave the yielding deep.

: rfquotek|Burrill

: rfquotek|Knight

: I appreciate your efforts

: You must learn to appreciate time

: To test the power of bees to appreciate color.

*: to test the power of bees to appreciate colour

: The value of his portfolio appreciated by 80% over eight years.

*: lest a sudden peace should appreciate the money

: ux|en|To roll a wheel, a ball, or a barrel.

*: And her foot, look you, is fixed upon a spherical stone, which rolls, and rolls, and rolls.

*: The gentleman aimed the ball once or twice and then threw it up the strand towards Cissy Caffrey but it rolled down the slope and stopped right under Gertys skirt near the little pool by the rock.

: ux|en|The child will roll on the floor.

: ux|en|To roll a sheet of paper; to roll clay or putty into a ball.

: ux|en|To roll up the map for shipping.

: The cloth rolls unevenly; the snow rolls well.

: ux|en|This river will roll its waters to the ocean.

: ux|en|To roll forth someones praises; to roll out sentences.

: ux|en|to roll a field;  to roll paste;  to roll steel rails.

: The pastry rolls well.

: ux|en|I want to get there early; lets roll.

: ux|en|OK guys, were only down by two points. Lets roll!

: ux|en|I was going to kick his ass, but he wasnt worth getting all worked up over; I dont roll like that.

*: "This is how we roll in Spring Valley," one teen reportedly boasted.

*: Lets roll!

: ux|en|If you roll doubles, you get an extra turn.

: ux|en|With two dice, youre more likely to roll seven than ten.

: ux|en|Im gonna go and roll a new shaman tonight.

: ux|en|The feds rolled him by giving him a free pass for most of what hed done.

: ux|en|He rolled on those guys after being in jail two days.

*: Cindy replied, “Wow, that’s great. Did you try E at those parties?” Steel said, “Oh yeah. I was rolling hard at the Willy Wonka party.”

*: The crowd was rolling on Ecstasy, and the lights enhanced the experience. ... He would use it to keep his teeth from chattering while he was rolling.

*: So the quesion is When you are rolling what gets you in that “ecstasy” state more: hard pounding energetic music or smoother and gentler music? Personally for me its gentler music because when I’m rolling my mind can’t really keep up with all the hard pounding intriquet sounds ...

: ux|en|The cameras are rolling.

*: Rolled far too easily by Marc-Antoine Fortuné, Demichelis compounded his error by standing on the strikers foot. In the absence of the injured Watson, Gómez converted the penalty.

: ux|en|the hills rolled on

: The years roll on.

*: what different sorrows did within thee roll

: The thunder rolled and the lightning flashed.

: the roll of a ball

: Look at the roll of the waves.

: to pass rails through the rolls

: a roll of fat, of wool, paper, cloth, etc.

*: Busy angels spread / The lasting roll, recording what we say.

*: The rolls of Parliament, the entry of the petitions, answers, and transactions in Parliament, are extant.

*: The roll and list of that army doth remain.

: a roll of carpeting; a roll of ribbon

: Hear the roll of cannon.

: Hear the roll of thunder.

: rfquotek|LEstrange

*: Parchement is sold by the dozen, and by the roll of five dozens.

: Calculate the roll of that aircraft.

: Make your roll.

: Whoever gets the highest roll moves first.

: He is on a roll tonight.

: The old song caused a little sway in everyone in the room.

: I doubt Ill hold much sway with someone so powerful.

: ux|en|sway to the music;  The trees swayed in the breeze.

*: Breezes blowing from beds of iris quickened her breath with their perfume; she saw the tufted lilacs sway in the wind, and the streamers of mauve-tinted wistaria swinging, all a-glisten with golden bees; she saw a crimson cardinal winging through the foliage, and amorous tanagers flashing like scarlet flames athwart the pines.

: ux|en|to sway the sceptre

*: As sparkles from the anvil rise, / When heavy hammers on the wedge are swayed.

: ux|en|Do you think you can sway their decision?

*: This was the race / To sway the world, and land and sea subdue.

: ux|en|reeds swayed by the wind;  judgment swayed by passion

*: Let not temporal and little advantages sway you against a more durable interest.

: ux|en|to sway up the [[yards]]

*: The balance sways on our part.

*: The example of sundry churchesdoth sway much.

*: Hadst thou swayed as kings should do.

: ux|en|a leaning column

: ux|en|She leaned out of the window.

: ux|en|Im leaning towards voting Conservative in the next election.

*: They delight rather to lean to their old customs.

*: He leaned not on his fathers but himself.

*: His fainting limbs against an oak he leant.

: a lean budget; a lean harvest

: A lean ore hardly worth mining.

: Running on too lean a fuel-air mixture will cause, among other problems, your internal combustion engine to heat up too much.

: lean copy, matter, or type

: rfquotek|Ray

*: gartered with a red and blue list

*: With truncheon tippd with iron head, / The warrior to the lists he led.

*: In measured lists to toss the weighty lance.

*: He was the ablest emperor of all the list.

*: The very list, the very utmost bound, / Of all our fortunes.

: rfquotek|Sir Thomas Browne

*: "I will list you for my soldier, then," said the Countess.

: rfquotek|Sir H. Wotton

: to list a door

*: The tree that stood white-listed through the gloom.

: to list a board

*: In discussing the Syllabus and the last dogma of 1870, so much must be allowed for Italian list and cunning, or a word-fence. An Englishman, with his matter-of-fact way of putting things, is no match for these gentry.

*: "[...] The foxes had heard that the fowls were sick, and went to see them decked in peacocks feathers; said of men who speak friendly, but only with list or cunning within."

*: For when the guileful monster smiled Snakes left their holes and hissed, — And stroking soft his silken beard Raised creatures full of list.

*: The general bass, in its fixed lines, is taken by surprise and overwhelmed by List ... (List = cunning); [...].

*: The latter wins his fight not by list but through straightforward knightly prowess, [...]

*: It is worth noting that, contrary to Alexios who according to his daughter did not scruple to use any tricks to achieve his goal, Manuel, as depicted by Kinnamos, preferred "to win by war rather than by list."

*: One man can accomplish with list (magic), that which a thousand could not accomplish, regardless of how strong they were.

*: Peace, what noise? / List, list! / Hark! / Music i the air.

*: Then weigh what loss your honour may sustain, / If with too credent ear you list his songs.

: the ship listed to port

: the steady wind listed the ship

*: If thou [[beest]] a man, show thyself in thy / likeness: if thou beest a devil, taket as thou list.

*: Ye are as gods, that can create soil. Soil-creating gods there is no withstanding. They have the might to sell wheat at what price they list; and the right, to all lengths, and famine-lengths, — if they be pitiless infernal gods!

*: License consists in doing what one lists; liberty consists in doing in the right manner the good only;

*: The spirit seemed to blow where it listed among a historically motley collection of Catholic theologians, Puritan zealots and American squires.

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