kalu englanniksi   dick fi, tool fi, thing fi


: He wore a condom over his dick.

: Sorry, girls, I suck dick.

: That person is such a dick.

: Last weekend I did dick.

: Dude, dont let them dick you around like that!

: Quit dicking around and get to work!

*: "Listen, this old gal we going to see probably dont like liquor and drinking, so be cool. Im just gon borrow a few bucks off her. I aint never dicked her or nothing."

: private dick, railroad dick

*: "He seems to set a deal of store by her, though. Theres some young ooman at home, where she lives, Id take my dying dick."

: ux|en|Hand me that tool, would you?   I dont have the right tools to start fiddling around with the engine.

: ux|en|These are the tools of the trade.

: ux|en|The software engineer had been developing lots of EDA tools.   a tool for recovering deleted files from a disk

: ux|en|He was a tool, no more than a pawn to her.

: ux|en|He wont sell us tickets because its 3:01, and they went off sale at 3. That guys such a tool.

: Dude, hes not your friend. Hes just tooling you.

*: boys on their bicycles tooling along the well-kept roads

: ux|en|Bacon pie? Is that a thing?

: ux|en|get me a thing of apple juice at the store;  I just ate a whole thing of jelly beans

: ux|en|The car looks cheap, but the thing is, I have doubts about its safety.

*: “Oh Gertie it’s true. It’s all true. They’ve got a horrid gash instead of a thrilling thing.”

: ux|en|you poor thing;  shes a funny old thing, but her hearts in the right place;  I met a pretty blond thing at the bar

: ux|en|thats the thing: we dont know where he went;  the thing is, I dont have any money

: ux|en|Oh yeah, Im supposed to promote that vision thing.

*: Don’t forget to have Gomez postpone that shooting thing. qualifier|in reference to the execution of Fernandez

*: In accordance with Old Germanic custom men came to the thing fully armed, [...]

*: The goðar seem both to have received payment of thing-fararkaup from those who stayed home and at the same time compensated those who went to the thing, and it cannot be seen whether they had any profit from these transactions.

*: All Icelandic things were skap-thing, meaning that they were governed by established procedure and met at regular legally designated intevals at predetermined meeting places.

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