kam englanniksi   kam en, cam sv, crest sv, comb sv


*: This is clean kam.Webster 1913----

: rfquotek|Wright

*: His legs bestrid the ocean, his reared arm / Crested the world.

*: groves of clouds that crest the mountains brow

*: Like as the shining sky in summers night, ... / Is crested with lines of fiery light.

*: There was also hairdressing: hairdressing, too, really was hairdressing in those times — no running a comb through it and that was that. It was curled, frizzed, waved, put in curlers overnight, waved with hot tongs;nb....

*: But the comb or half quarter is very general in the Eastern counties, particularly in Norfolk.

: ux|en|I need to comb my hair before we leave the house

: ux|en|Police combed the field for evidence after the assault

suositut haut
raunio leiriytyä jännittynyt ikkuna-aukko vastustaja koriste