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: Digging ditches has long been considered one of the most demanding forms of manual labor.

: Once the sun came out we ditched our rain-gear and started a campfire.

: When the second engine failed, the pilot was forced to ditch; their last location was just south of the Azores.

: The truant officer caught Louise ditching with her friends, and her parents were forced to pay a fine.

: Enclosure led to fuller winter employment in hedging and ditching.

: The soldiers ditched the tent to prevent flooding.

: The engine was ditched and turned on its side.

: an unexplored tract of sea

*: the deep tract of hell

*: a very high mountain joined to the mainland by a narrow tract of earth

*: The church clergy at that writ the best collection of tracts against popery that ever appeared.

*: improved by tract of time

*: Nay, in another case of litigation, the unjust Standard bearer, for his own profit, asserting that the cause belonged not to St. Edmund’s Court, but to his in [[:w:Leyland (hundred)|Lailand Hundred]], involved us in travellings and innumerable expenses, vexing the servants of St. Edmund for a long tract of time ...

: the tract of speech

: rfquotek|Older

*: The discovery of a mans self by the tracts of his countenance is a great weakness.

: rfquotek|Dryden

*: Efface all tract of its traduction.

*: But flies an eagle flight, bold, and forth on, / Leaving no tract behind.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: Where may that treachour then (said he) be found, / Or by what meanes may I his footing tract?

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson[[Category:English syncopic forms]]----

: The water coming out of the waterwheel created a standing wave in the channel.

: A channel was dredged to allow ocean-going vessels to reach the city.

: We were careful to keep our boat in the channel.

: The English Channel lies between France and England.

: The news was conveyed to us by different channels.

*: The veins are converging channels.

*: At best, he is but a channel to convey to the National Assembly such matter as may import that body to know.

: The guard-rail provided the channel between the downed wire and the tree.

: A channel stretches between them.

: We are using one of the 24 channels.

: The channel is created by bonding the signals from these four pairs.

: Their call is being carried on channel 6 of the T-1 line.

: KNDD is the channel at 107.7 MHz in Seattle.

: NBC is on channel 11 in San Jose.

*: TV back then was five channels (three networks, PBS, and an independent station that ran I Love Lucy reruns),...

: This chip in this disk drive is the channel device.

: The liquid is pressurized in the lateral channel.

*: Netcaster is the "receiver" for channels that are built into Netscape 4.01 and later releases.

*: To access channels in Windows 98, you dont have to go any farther than your desktop.

: We will channel the traffic to the left with these cones.

: When it is my turn to sing karaoke, I am going to channel Ray Charles.

*: I have touched the highest point of all my greatness, / And from that full meridian of my glory / I haste now to my setting.

: meridian splendour

*: His sleep, his meat, his drink, is him bereft, / nowrap|That lean he wax, and dry as is a shaft.

*: A shaft hath three principal parts, the stele, the feathers, and the head.

: ux|en|Her hand slipped off the javelins shaft towards the spearpoint and thats why her score was lowered.

*: Orion hit a rabbit once; but though sore wounded it got to the bury, and, struggling in, the arrow caught the side of the hole and was drawn out.nb.... Ikey the blacksmith had forged us a spearhead after a sketch from a picture of a Greek warrior; and a rake-handle served as a shaft.

*: And the thunder, / Winged with red lightning and impetuous rage, / Perhaps nowrap|hath spent his shafts.

*: Some kinds of literary pursuits...have been attacked with all the shafts of ridicule.

: ux|en|Isnt that shaft of light from that opening in the cave beautiful?

*: They were a fine company of old women, and a Dutch painter would have loved to find them there together, where the sun made bright patches on the [[floor]] and sent long, quivering shafts of gold through the [[dusky]] shade up among the rafters.

: ux|en|I had no idea that they removed the feathers shafts to make the pillows softer!

: ux|en|Sarah, if you wear gloves your hands might not slip on your shaft and you can up your game, girl!

: ux|en|Your grandfather used to work with a crane hauling ore out of the gold mines shafts.

: ux|en|Darn it, my keys fell through the gap and into the elevator shaft.

: ux|en|Our parrot flew into the air duct and got stuck in the shaft.

*: Bid time and nature gently spare / nowrap|The shaft we raise to thee.

: ux|en|The female labia minora is homologous to the penis shaft skin of males.

: Your boss really shafted you by stealing your idea like that.

: Turns out my roommate was shafting my girlfriend.

: An oil pipeline has been opened from the Caspian Sea.

: 3D images are rendered using the graphics pipeline.

: A new version of the software is in the pipeline, but has not been rolled-out.

*: The gym’s proprietor, “Crazy” Tim Credeur, heads up the Gladiator Academy, which serves as a pipeline for amateur MMA fighters to move up the ranks, though few of them do.

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