kantotuoli englanniksi   sedan, litter


*: What we are observing in this sedan square-off is the cumulative effect of modern design technology on the family sedan.

*: In addition there was a companion four-door sedan, mounted on the C- 38 Series 121.5-inch platform and equipped with the 1 14-horsepower L-head six.

*: The 1929 Model A Tudor sedan on these pages will receive a mild top chop of 3 inches, combined with the installation of a rear delivery door and a filled roof.

*: There is a litter ready; lay him in t.

*: A wolf came to a sow, and very kindly offered to take care of her litter.

*: Strephon ... / Stole in, and took a strict survey / Of all the litter as it lay.

*: Take off the litter from your kernel beds.

*: the room with volumes littered round

*: We might conceive that dogs were created blind, because we observe they were littered so with us.

*: The son that she did litter here, / A freckled whelp hagborn.

*: A desert ... where the she-wolf still littered.

*: Tell them how they litter their jades.

*: For his ease, well littered was the floor.

*: The inn where he and his horse littered.

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