karkea englanniksi   rustic fi, craggy fi, crude fi, coarse fi, raw fi, guesstimate fi, harsh fi, abrasive fi, abrupt fi, brute fi, crass fi, rugged fi, shaggy fi, uncouth fi, gross fi, rough fi, heavy-handed fi


*: She had a rustic, woodland air.

: ux|en|rustic manners

: ux|en|rustic country where the sheep and cattle roamed freely

*: The King looked at the motionless figure, at the little crowd of hushed expectant rustics beyond the bridge, and finally at the face of Chandos, which shone with amusement.

*: Thus this ignorant, unsophisticated but resolute agriculturist captured me. So early in 1917, we left Calcutta for Champaran, looking just like fellow rustics.

: The goat climbed up the craggy rocks.

: The old man had craggy, uncultured features, but had bright, intelligent eyes.

: crude oil

: a crude shelter

: a crude truth

: a crude remark

: crude data

: coarse manners

: coarse language

: ux|en|raw cane sugar

: ux|en|raw sewage

: ux|en|a raw wound

: ux|en|a raw beginner

: ux|en|a raw voice

*: What makes Mexico worrying is not just the raw numbers but the power of the cartels over society.

: a raw wind

*: a raw and gusty day

*: with scull all raw

: ux|en|We did it raw.

*: With the recent advance in London yellow crystals, however, the disproportion of the relative value of these two kinds has been considerably reduced, and a better demand for crystallized raws should consequently occur.

*: Early in the year the raws were melted to about 20 Brix in order to facilitate filtration.

*: The world sugar contract closed 1 to 3 points net higher, with sales of only 36 lots. London raws sold at 8s. 4½d., and futures there were unchanged to 3d. higher.

: This girl was so rude towards her boyfriend by screaming at him for no apparent reason.

: Karen broke up with Fred because he was often rude to her.

*: But though I be rude in speech, yet not in knowledge

*: When the flush of a new-born sun fell first on Edens green and gold,

*: Our father Adam sat under the Tree and scratched with a stick in the mould;

*: And the first rude sketch that the world had seen was joy to his mighty heart,

*: Till the Devil whispered behind the leaves, "Its pretty, but is it Art?"

*: It might be apprehended, that among rude nations, where the means of subsistence are procured with so much difficulty, the mind could never raise itself above the consideration of this subject

: Quit harshing me already, I said that I was sorry!

: Dude, youre harshing my buzz.

: An abrasive person can grate on ones sensibilities.

: Despite her proper upbringing, we found her manners to be terribly abrasive.

: The party came to an abrupt end when the parents of our host arrived.

*: The cause of your abrupt departure.

: The abrupt style, which hath many breaches.

*: Tumbling through ricks abrupt.

: rfquotek|Gray

*: Till death abrupts them.

*: Over the vast abrupt.

: a brute beast

*: A creature ... not prone / And brute as other creatures, but endued / With sanctity of reason.

: the brute earth; the brute powers of nature

*: a great brute farmer from Liddesdale

: I punched him with brute force.

: brute violence

*: they laid before them how unbecoming it was the Dignity of such sublime Creatures to be sollicitous about gratifying those Appetites, which they had in common with Brutes, and at the same time unmindful of those higher qualities that gave them the preeminence over all visible Beings.

*: But if he lives badly, he will, in the next life, be a woman; if he (or she) persists in evil-doing, he (or she) will become a brute, and go on through transmigrations until at last reason conquers.

: One of them was a hulking brute of a man, heavily tattooed and with a hardened face that practically screamed "I just got out of jail."

*: She was frankly disappointed. For some reason she had thought to discover a burglar of one or another accepted type—either a dashing cracksman in full-blown evening dress, lithe, polished, pantherish, or a common yegg, a red-eyed, unshaven burly brute in the rags and tatters of a tramp.

*: You guys would rather be with someone else who’s equal to your status in life. Tiger Woods, or somebody. I comes across as crass, a Neanderthal, a babbling idiot sometimes. I like to show you that person. I like that person. [...]

*: By and by, after a rugged climb, we halted on the summit of a hill which commanded a far-reaching view.

*: Commercially produced yarn, such as rayon, produces a cloth with a smoother, shinier look than hand-spun cotton, but the uneven, rugged look of hand-spun cotton can be quite appealing.

*: His hair was light and rather thin; his face strong and rugged from exposure, and his eyes narrow and observant.

*: Many women and men delude themselves into thinking that only the hardest and most rugged man is attractive and to many it may be the case.

*: Hidden within 30,000 acres of rugged private land, the ranch is cocooned by peaks and canyons in all directions.

*: Much of the area can be seen only by hikers who travel without trails to the higher reaches of this rugged mountain range.

*: "Ah!" sighed the unimaginative Granby, and his honest, rugged face grew clouded. Pepper puffed in silence for a moment or two; then spoke.

*: "Her gaze rested for a moment on the muscular neck, heavy corded, almost bull-like, bronzed by the sun, spilling over with rugged health and strength..."

*: Psion, which supplies a range of rugged hand held computers, has lost nearly 2% after announcing a plunge into the red.

*: They waited until Dorothy awoke the next morning. The little girl was quite frightened when she saw the great pile of shaggy wolves, but the Tin Woodman told her all. She thanked him for saving them and sat down to breakfast, after which they started again upon their journey.

*: There was a delicious sensation of mingled security and awe with which I looked down, from my giddy height, on the monsters of the deep at their uncouth gambols.

*: But man to know God is a difficulty, except by a mean he himself inure, which is to know God’s creatures that be: at first them that be of the grossest nature, and then [...] them that be more pure.

*: He collected a number of injuries that stopped him jousting, and then in middle age became stout, eventually gross.

: ux|en|a gross mistake;  gross injustice;  gross negligence

: ux|en|[[w:Gross domestic product|gross domestic product]]

*: Tell her of things that no gross ear can hear.

: The movie grossed three million on the first weekend.

*: The rock was one of those tremendously solid brown, or rather black, rocks which emerge from the sand like something primitive. Rough with crinkled limpet shells and sparsely strewn with locks of dry seaweed, a small boy has to stretch his legs far apart, and indeed to feel rather heroic, before he gets to the top.

: a rough estimate; a rough sketch of a building; a rough plan

: The sea was rough.

: Being a teenager nowadays can be rough.

: His manners are a bit rough, but he means well.

: This box has been through some rough handling.

: a rough tone; a rough voice

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

: a rough diamond

: rough wine

: rfquotek|Fletcher

: Rough in the shape first, then polish the details.

: rfquotek|Crabb

*: Sleeping rough on the trenches, and dying stubbornly in their boats.

: Do not be too heavy-handed with the salt.

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