karkottaa englanniksi   relegate fi, repulse fi, exile fi, fade fi, expatriate fi, banish fi, repel fi


: to repulse an assault; to repulse the enemy

: to repulse a suitor

: ux|en|He lived in exile.

: ux|en|They chose exile rather than assimilation.

*: Let them be recalled from their exile.

*: Thou art an exile, and thou must not stay.

: ux|en|She lived as an exile.

*: Exiled from eternal God.

*: Calling home our exiled friends abroad.

*: Passages that are somewhat fade.

*: His masculine taste gave him a sense of something fade and ludicrous.

*: The earth mourneth and fadeth away.

*: flowers that never fade

: The milkmans whistling faded into the distance.

*: The stars shall fade away.

*: He makes a swanlike end, / Fading in music.

*: A strange thing was that Bovary, while continually thinking of Emma, was forgetting her. He grew desperate as he felt this image fading from his memory in spite of all efforts to retain it. Yet every night he dreamt of her; it was always the same dream. He drew near her, but when he was about to clasp her she fell into decay in his arms.

: If you dont stop talking [[blaspheme]]s, I will banish you.

: He was banished from the kingdom.

*: Now for Christs love, said Sir Launcelot, keep it in counsel, and let no man know it in the world, for I am sore ashamed that I have been thus miscarried; for I am banished out of the country of Logris for ever, that is for to say the country of England.

*: he never referreth any one unto vertue, religion, or conscience: as if they were all extinguished and banished the worldnb....

*: Then yours she will never be! You are banished her presence; her mother has opened her eyes to your designs, and she is now upon her guard against them.

: ux|en|banish fear, qualm.

*: It is some satisfaction to him that is repelled, that dignities, honours, offices, are not alwayes given by desert or worth, but for love, affinitie, friendship, affection, great mens letters, or as commonly they are bought and sold.

*: In nearby Zintan, rebels repelled an advance by Gaddafis forces, killing eight and taking one prisoner, a local activist said.

*: However, while the idea of a free holiday appeals enormously, I am frankly repelled by the idea of spending a couple of weeks in your company.

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