kastella englanniksi   irrigate, wash, wet


: We need to irrigate the land before we plant the crops.

: The nurse will show you how to irrigate the wound to prevent infection.

: ux|en|The car is so dirty, we need to wash it.

: ux|en|Dishwashers wash dishes much more efficiently than most humans.

: Heavy rains wash a road or an embankment.

: ux|en|The flood washed away houses.

: ux|en|I wash every morning after getting up.

: Waves wash the shore.

*: fresh-blown roses washed with dew

*: [the landscape] washed with a cold, grey mist

: to hear the water washing

*: The king is running out of ideas as well as cash. His favourite shock-absorbing tactic—to blame his governments and sack his prime ministers—hardly washes.

: ux|en|Some calicoes do not wash.

: steel washed with silver

: Im going to have a quick wash before coming to bed.

: My jacket needs a wash.

: Theres a lot in that wash: maybe you should split it into two piles.

: I could hear the wash of the wave.

: The ship left a big wash

: Sail away from the wash to avoid rocking the boat.

: mouth wash

: hand wash

*: The wash of pastures, fields, commons, and roads, where rain water hath a long time settled.

*: These Lincoln washes have devoured them.

*: In some desert-wash systems (which have been termed “xero-riparian”)

*: ...though the wash may carry surface water for only a few hours a year.

*: Rock Spring Wash continues a short distance then joins Watson Wash. Water from Rock Spring comes out of the boulder strewn wash and disappears into the sand

*: I knew that for every vote I cast for, say, the Republicans, some kid at a polling place nearby was casting his votes for the Democrats, so it was probably a wash or close to it.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|B. Edwards

: a carriage wash in a stable

: I went out in the rain and now my clothes are all wet.

: It’s going to be wet tomorrow.

*: wet Octobers torrent flood

: Water is wet.

: Dont be so wet.

: He got me all wet.

: That guys wet; after all, he just started yesterday.

: the wet extraction of copper, in distinction from dry extraction in which dry heat or fusion is employed

*: The wet states would be "the greatest beneficiaries" because the amendment would root out the liquor traffic within their cities.

: rfquotek|Prior

*: A chimichanga (MWCD: 1982) is a burrito that is deep-fried, rather than baked, and is served in the fashion of a wet burrito.

*: The new item is its first "wet," or sauce-topped, burrito.

*: But Im getting the wet burrito.” Ignacio looked down at some sort of a tomato sauce–covered tortilla tube.

*: Now the sun, with more effectual beams, / Had cheered the face of earth, and dried the wet / From drooping plant.

: Dont go out in the wet.

*: ‘A pity,’ said Jim, ‘I thought we was going to have a free wet.’

*: The drys were as unhappy with the second part of the speech as the wets were with the first half.

: Johnny wets the bed several times a week.

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