katkelma englanniksi   excerpt, snatch, extract, cutting


*: out of which we have excerpted the following particulars

: ux|en|He snatched up the phone.

: ux|en|to snatch at a rope

: to snatch a kiss

*: when half our knowledge we must snatch, not take

*: "How many times have I told you?" she cried, and seized him and snatched his stick away from him.

*: Snatch me to heaven.

: ux|en|He snatched the letter out of the secretarys hand.

: ux|en|Someone has just snatched my purse!

: ux|en|He snatched a sandwich before catching the train.

: ux|en|He snatched a glimpse of her while her mother had her back turned.

: The leftfielder makes a nice snatch to end the inning.

: I heard a snatch of Mozart as I passed the open window.

*: Claude, is it true what they say about Olovia? Of course she’s getting a little old for us—what about Marilyum, did you try her snatch?

*: Roughly Santino ripped the sheet from the bed, exposing all of her. She had blond hair on her snatch, which drove him crazy. He was partial to blondes.

*: “...You want me to ask Brandy to let you paint her naked body with all this gooey stuff to make a mold of her snatch?”

: to extract a tooth from its socket, a stump from the earth, or a splinter from the finger

*: The bee / Sits on the bloom extracting liquid sweet.

: to extract an essential oil from a plant

*: I have extracted out of that pamphlet a few notorious falsehoods.

: ux|en|Please extract the cube root of 27.

: How many different cuttings can this movie undergo?

: The actor had to make his cutting shorter to fit the [[audition]] time.

: [[turning|Turning]], boring, milling, and drilling are all different kinds of metal cutting processes.

*: WE flash across the level.

*: We thunder thro the bridges.

*: We bicker down the cuttings.

*: We sway along the ridges.

: I need some sort of cutting utensil to get through this shrink wrap.

: The director gave the auditioning actors cutting criticism.

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