kehto englanniksi   cradle fi, womb fi


*: the cradle that received thee at thy birth

*: No sooner was I crept out of my cradle / But I was made a king, at nine months old.

: a cradle of crime

: the cradle of liberty

: from the cradle to the grave

*: from their cradles bred together

*: a form of worship in which they had been educated from their cradles

: rfquotek|Knight

: The cradle was ill-made. One victim fell into the sea and was lost and the ensuing delay cost three more lives.

: He slammed the handset into the cradle.

*: It cradles their fears to sleep.

*: He that hath been cradled in majesty will not leave the throne to play with beggars.

*: In Lombardy ... boats are cradled and transported over the grade.

*: And his hede, hym semed,was enamyled with asure, and his shuldyrs shone as the golde, and his wombe was lyke mayles of a merveylous hewnb....

*: And þe Lord made redi a gret fish þat he shulde swolewe Ionas; and Ionas was in wombe of þe fish þre da?es and þre ni?tis.

*: The womb of earth the genial seed receives.

*: The centre spike of gold / Which burns deep in the bluebells womb.

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