keikari englanniksi   beau fi, buck fi, dandy fi, fop fi, metrosexual fi


*: “I do not comprehend the meaning of the word. But this I can say, that if he ever was a beau before he married, he is one still, for there is not the smallest alteration in him.”

*: “Oh! dear! one never thinks of married mens’SIC being beaux—they have something else to do.”

*: Hannahs beau takes all her time n thought, and when she gits a husband her motherll be out o sight and out o mind.

*: Kristin Davis has taken time out to enjoy the surf and sand with her Australian beau, photographer Russell James.

*: This pusillanimous creature thinks himself, and would be thought, a buck.

*: The Captain was then a buck and dandy, during the reign of those two successive dynasties, of the first rank of the second order ; the characteristic of which very respectable rank of fashionables I hold to be, that their spurs impinge upon the pavement oftener than upon the sides of a horse.

*: Her curly red hair loose from its combs hangin down her back and her freckled skin bare, and a big ole nigger buck was doin things to her! Hed always known that Hootch Carter raped and killed Becky Nell, never had reason to doubt it.

: Can I borrow five bucks?

: Corporations will do anything to make a buck.

: The police caught me driving a buck forty on the freeway.

: That skinny guy? Cmon, he cant weigh more than a buck and a quarter.

: [[pass the buck]]; [[the buck stops here]]

*: At the same time we got speared, the horses got speared too, and jumped and bucked all about, and got into the swamp.

*: The brute that he was riding had nearly bucked him out of the saddle.

: The vice president bucked at the boards latest solution.

: The motor bucked and sputtered before dying completely.

: The plane bucked a strong headwind.

: Our managers have to learn to buck the trend and do the right thing for their employees.

: John is really bucking the odds on that risky business venture. Hes doing quite well.

: rfquotek|Johnson

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: Thats all fine and dandy, but how much does it cost?

: What a dandy little laptop you have.

*: And she nearly started a fight between two young fops in plumed hats and flouncy collars: "Clay-brained coxcomb!" "Mewling milk-livered maggot!"

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