keino englanniksi   way fi, medium fi, vehicle fi, wrench fi


: ux|en|nowrap|Do you know the way to the airport?nowrap|Come this way and Ill show you a shortcut.nowrap|Its a long way from here.

*: The way seems difficult, and steep to scale.

*: The season and ways were very improper for his majestys forces to march so great a distance.

: ux|en|We got into the cinema through the back way.

: ux|en|If youre ever round this way, come over and visit me.

: ux|en|nowrap|Youre going about it the wrong way.nowrap|Hes known for his quirky ways.nowrap|I dont like the way she looks at me.

: ux|en|Theres no way Im going to clean up after you.

: ux|en|My little sister always whines until she gets her way.

*: Ten minutes into the run Tang slowed, Welch calling out her speed as she lost way.

: ux|en|In a large way, crocodiles and alligators are similar.

: ux|en|Way to ruin the moment, guys.

*: on a time as they together wayd, / He made him open chalenge [...].

: Im way too tired to do that.

: Im a way better singer than she.

*: It turns out thats way more gain than you need for a keyboard, but you dont have to use all of it to benefit from the sonic characteristics.

: Im way tired

: String theory is way cool, except for the math.

*: With all the way cool boys out there, what if you dont recognize them because you dont know what to look for? Or, what if you have a chance to pick a perfect Prince and you end up with a yucky Frog instead?

: I used to live way over there.

: The farmhouse is way down the bottom of the hill.

*: Whether any other liquors, being made mediums, cause a diversity of sound from water, it may be tried.

*: I must bring together / All these extremes; and must remove all mediums.

*: In some instances one can take advantage of differential carbohydrate fermentation capabilities of microorganisms by incorporating one or more carbohydrates in the medium along with a suitable pH indicator. Such media are called differential media (e.g., eosin methylene blue or MacConkey agar) and are commonly used to isolate enteric bacilli.

: Acrylics, oils, [[charcoal]] and gouache are all mediums I used in my painting.

: a happy medium

*: The just medium ... lies between pride and abjection.

*: a medium of six years of war, and six years of peace

*: Mon mai longe liues wene; / Ac ofte him liedh the wrench.

*: With a wrench, which threw his victim back upon the bed as though hurled from a height, he turned and sprang at us.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: With a surge of adrenaline, she wrenched the car door off and pulled out the injured man.

: Be careful not to wrench your ankle walking along those loose stones!

: The plumber wrenched the pipes until they came loose.

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