kiertelevä englanniksi   evasive fi, nomadic fi, circular fi, circuitous fi, roundabout fi


: circular reasoning

: Your dictionary defines "brave" as "courageous", and "courageous" as "brave". Thats a circular definition.

: a circular formula in a spreadsheet

*: a proclamation of Henry III., ... doubtless circular throughout England

*: A man so absolute and circular / In all those wished-for rarities that may take / A virgin captive.

*: Had Virgil been a circular poet, and closely adhered to history, how could the Romans have had Dido?

*: [S]he fled, running like a deer, doubling and turning through alleys and back streets until by a very roundabout road she reached her own room.

*: "Really, Bill, I think your best plan would be to go straight to father and tell him the whole thing.—You dont want him to hear about it in a roundabout way."

*: Mr. Rather flew to the area in a roundabout fashion, first landing in Bahrain, from there flying to Islamabad and then heading to Kabul by land.

*: Descartes is compelled to fall back upon a curious roundabout argument to prove that there is a world. He must first prove that God exists, and then argue that God would not deceive us into thinking that it exists when it does not.

*: The third sort is of those who readily and sincerely follow reason, but for want of having that which one may call a large, sound, roundabout sense, have not a full view of all that relates to the question.

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