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*: the first Nautilus that scudded upon the glassy surface of warm primæval oceans

*: The wind was high; the vast white clouds scudded over the blue heaven.

*: During the preceding afternoon a heavy North Pacific fog had blown in ... Scudding eastward from the ocean, it had crept up and over the redwood-studded crests of the Coast Range mountains, ...

*: But high above the flying scud and dark-rolling clouds, there floated a little isle of sunlight, from which beamed forth an angels face ...

: a bottle of Scud

: sometimes dash is also used colloquially to refer to a [[hyphen]] or [[minus sign]].

: Add a dash of vinegar

: Arent we full of dash this morning?

*: The dash clock said 2:38 when... I turned off a dirt road....

*: The traditional practice of offering gifts or "dash" to chiefs has often been misinterpreted by scholars to provide a cultural explanation for the pervasive incidence of bribery and corruption in modern Africa.

*: Writing in 1924 on a similar situation in Ugep, the political officer, Mr. S. T. Harvey noted: "In the old days there was no specified dowry but merely dashes given to the father-in-law...

*: The only other times youll be asked for a dash is from beggars.

*: Ill be dashed if I gan another step for less an oaf.

*: Sir Thomas looks as if to ask what the dash is that to you! but wanting still to go to India again, and knowing how strong the Newcomes are in Leadenhall Street, he thinks it necessary to be civil to the young cub, and swallows his pride once more into his waistband.

*: Comment: Some editions leave this passage out. Of those that include it, some change the you! to you?.

*: Who the dash is this person whom none of us know? and what the dash does he do here?

*: Ill be dashed if I squash in with any domestic staff.

: He dashed across the field.

: I have to dash now. See you soon.

: He dashed the bottle against the bar and turned about to fight.

*: "`Silence! If you make a sound I shall take him and dash his brains out before your very eyes.

*: Kala was the youngest mate of a male called Tublat, meaning broken nose, and the child she had seen dashed to death was her first; for she was but nine or ten years old.

: The man was dashed from the vehicle during the accident.

*: If you dash a stone against a stone in the bottom of the water, it maketh a sound.

*: On each hand the gushing waters play, / And down the rough cascade all dashing fall.

: Her hopes were dashed when she saw the damage.

: Her thoughts were dashed to [[melancholy]].

: He dashed down his eggs, she dashed off her homework

*: "Scarborough," Mrs. Flanders wrote on the envelope, and dashed a bold line beneath; it was her native town; the hub of the universe.

: to dash wine with water; to dash paint upon a picture

*: I take care to dash the character with such particular circumstance as may prevent ill-natured applications.

*: The very source and fount of day / Is dashed with wandering isles of night.

*: When we have laughd to see the sails conceive / And grow big-bellied with the wanton wind;

: Lets go for a sail.

: Twenty sail were in sight.

: We caught three sails today.

*: Like an eagle soaring / To weather his broad sails.

: We sail for Australia tomorrow.

*: As is a winged messenger of heaven, ... / When he bestrides the lazy pacing clouds, / And sails upon the bosom of the air.

: The duchess sailed haughtily out of the room.

: The race around the park was won by Johnny, who ran faster than the others.

: We had a race to see who could finish the book the quickest.

*: After days of intensifying pressure from runners, politicians and the general public to call off the New York City Marathon in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, city officials and the event’s organizers decided Friday afternoon to cancel the race.

*: The flight of many birds is swifter than the race of any beasts.

*: My race of glory run, and race of shame.

: ux|en|The drivers were racing around the track.

: ux|en|I raced him to the car, but he was there first, so he got to ride shotgun.

: ux|en|As soon as it was time to go home, he raced for the door.

: ux|en|Her heart was racing as she peered into the dimly lit room.

*: "My mind is like a racing engine, tearing itself to pieces because it is not connected up with the work for which it was built."

: Race was a significant issue during apartheid in South Africa.

: The Native Americans colonized the New World in several waves from Asia, and thus they are considered part of the same Mongoloid race.

: A treaty was concluded between the race of elves and the race of men.

*: There are two distinct races of gods known to Norse mythology[.]

*: For do but note a wild and wanton herd, / Or race of youthful and unhandled colts, / Fetching mad bounds.

: The advent of the Internet has brought about a new race of entrepreneur.

: Recent developments in artificial intelligence has brought about a new race of robots that can perform household chores without supervision.

*: a race of heaven

*: Is it [the wine] of the right race?

*: And now I give my sensual race the rein.

*: Some ... great race of fancy or judgment.

*: On the third day after this second boiling, pour all the syrup into a pan, put the races of ginger with it, and boil it up until the syrup adheres to the spoon.

: Washingtons career as a soldier

*: when a horse is running in his full career

*: It may be admitted that Democracy, in all meanings of the word, is in full career; irresistible by any Ritter Kauderwalsch or other Son of Adam, as times go.

*: These knights, therefore, their aim being thus eluded, rushed from opposite sides betwixt the object of their attack and the Templar, almost running their horses against each other ere they could stop their career.

*: It is said of Cæsar ... that in his youth being mounted upon a horse, and without any bridle, he made him run a full cariere [tr. m|it|carriere], make a sodaine stop, and with his hands behind his backe performe what ever can be expected of an excellent ready horse.

*: to go back again the same career

: The car careered down the road, missed the curve, and went through a hedge.

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