kilahdus englanniksi   ting fi, ping fi, chink fi, clang fi


: When the food was ready, the bell tinged

: My car used to make an odd ping, but after the last oil change it went away.

: The submarine sent out a ping and got an echo from a battleship.

: The network is overloaded from all the pings going out.

: I sent a ping to the insurance company to see if they received our claim.

*: "You low ping c**t, you only win cos of your ping!"

*: > > And other such insights into why I was winning.

*: Your best bet to negate lag is to go to a server using the zero ping mutator. This will compensate for your high ping when using a pistol, sniper or ...

: My car was pinging until my last oil change.

: Im pinging their server.

: The server pings its affiliates periodically.

: I cant ping their server: perhaps its been switched off.

: Ill ping the insurance company again to see if theyve received our claim.

: I pinged the crumb off the table with my finger.

: The ball pinged off the wall and came hurtling back.

*: Yet I did not give way, but settled to wait for the dawn, which must, I knew, be now at hand; for then I thought enough light would come through the chinks of the tomb above to show me how to set to work.

*: Through one cloudless chink, in a black, stormy sky, / Shines out the dewy morning star.

: to chink a wall

*: I thought that if all the hills about there were pure chink, and all belonged to me, I would give them if I could just talk to her when I wanted to ...

*: to leave his chink to better hands

: The coins were chinking in his pocket.

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

*: For much of this day, Mrs Y. wrote in her diary, covering page after page in a rapid scrawl full of paligraphic repetitions, puns, clangs, and violent, perseverative crossings-out...

*: The fierce Caretes ... clanged their sounding arms.

*: A cell door clanged metallically and Wentworth was flung inside. He tripped, collapsed upon the concrete floor.

*: The clanging and groaning of the train came nearer, and it staggered slowly into the station like a prey- laden monster into its lair.

*: Then the sparks flew from the anvil while the great hammer clanged on the metal, shaping it, and Henry begged to be allowed to try it

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