kilpikonna englanniksi   turtle fi, tortoise fi


*: Depending on which version of Logo you have, the turtle may look like an actual animal with a head and four legs or — as in Berkeley Logo — it may be represented as a triangle.

*: Were speeding when car turtled ...Auto crashed into curb and turtled.

*: I turtled my board beneath it, flipped upright, and started paddling again.

*: Of these, 80 turtled (65%), 26 hunted and turtled (20%), and 18 hunted (15%).

*: The same he tooke, and with a riband new, / In which his Ladies colours were, did bind / About the turtles neck ....

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[[olla]] [[mahdollisuus]] ala-arvoinen kiintymys mekaanikko jukoliste Israel