kissa englanniksi   wee, cat, pee, fox, feral cat


*: I had not seen a wee boy do it like that before. He was weer than me and his swimming was just like splashing about.

: You looked a little cold so I lit a wee fire.

: to have a wee

*: Mammals need two genes to make the taste receptor for sugar. Studies in various cats (tigers, cheetahs and domestic cats) showed that one of these genes has mutated and no longer works.

*: At twilight in the summer there is never anybody to fear—man, woman, or cat—in the chambers and at that hour the mice come out. They do not eat parchment or foolscap or red tape, but they eat the luncheon crumbs.

*: She missed the fish diet of her own country, and twice every summer she sent the boys to the river, twenty miles to the southward, to fish for channel cat.

*: I turn on the radio / Theres some cat on the saxophone / Laying down a litany of excuses

*: ...he whipped a black man for disobedience of his orders fifty lashes; and again whipped him with a cat, which he wound with wire, about the same number of stripes;...he used this cat on one other man, and then destroyed the cat wound with wire.

*: "What the hell, so this broads got a prematurely-gray cat."

*: As she came up, she tried to put her cat in his face for some licking.

*: I had a notion to walk over to her, rip her apron off, sling her housecoat open and put my finger inside her cat to see if she was wet or freshly fucked because the dream I had earlier was beginning to really annoy me.

: The weather was cat, so they returned home early.

: a carriers bow cats

: Its peeing with rain.

: Mind your pees and [[cue]]s.

: I bought these carrots for fifty pee.

: I cant afford that — Im one pee short.

*: The fox went out on a chase one night, / he prayed to the Moon to give him light, / for he had many a mile to go that night / before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o. / He had many a mile to go that night / before he reached the town-o.

*: They burned the old gun that used to stand in the dark corner up in the garret, close to the stuffed fox that always grinned so fiercely. Perhaps the reason why he seemed in such a ghastly rage was that he did not come by his death fairly. Otherwise his pelt would not have been so perfect. And why else was he put away up there out of sight?—and so magnificent a brush as he had too.

*: And Jerry was cute, you know, I liked him, but Frank was a total fox. And he was rougher than Jerry, you know, not so cultured.

*: It wasnt just that Jayne was a fox – although, fuck, was she ever a fox. That arse, those tits, those lips. They could have a really good time together.

*: Thou diest on point of fox.

: This crossword puzzle has completely foxed me.

: The pages of the book show distinct foxing.

*: I drank ... so much wine that I was almost foxed.

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