kitkerä englanniksi   acerb, acerbic, bitter


*: Those consumers who object to the acerbic taste of garlic can purchase de-odorized garlic or allicin extract.

*: Supercompetent, superconfident and supercritical, Schmidt is a gifted orator whose acerbic wit earned him the nickname "Schmidt the Lip."

*: [H]e is one of the most acerbic people in his field, quick to take offense and not shy about telling people with whom he disagrees how much he thinks they have failed in thought and action.

: ux|en|The coffee tasted bitter.

*: Long after his cigar burnt bitter, he sat with eyes fixed on the blaze. When the flames at last began to flicker and subside, his lids fluttered, then drooped; but he had lost all reckoning of time when he opened them again to find Miss Erroll in furs and ball-gown kneeling on the hearthnb....

: ux|en|A bitter wind blew from the north.

*: It was at the end of February,...when the world was cold, and a bitter wind howled down the moorsnb....

: ux|en|Theyre bitter enemies.

*: Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them.

: ux|en|Ive been bitter ever since that defeat.

*: Thus I begin: "All is not gold that glitters,

*: "Pleasure seems sweet, but proves a glass of bitters.

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