knapp englanniksi   scanty de, badge sv, terse de, scarce sv, concise de, cranky sv, heel de, snap sv, lean de, succinct de, button sv, nuts sv, key sv


*: In illustrating a point of difficulty, be not too scanty of words.

*: In illustrating a point of difficulty, be not too scanty of words.

: the badge of a society; the badge of a policeman

*: Tax gatherers, recognized by their official badges.

: He has got his badge, and piked: He was burned in the hand, and is at liberty.

: The television was badged as GE, but wasnt made by them.

: He calmed down a lot when the policeman badged him.

*: And Patterson didnt hear that Jack Egger, the studios director of security, said hed seen John Orr badge his way through the pedestrian gate sometime before 4:00 pm, when the fire was still raging, [...]

*: Our regional commissioner, his assistant commissioner and our district director, along with their wives, were hoofing it to the rotunda. Apparently they didnt try and badge their way through.

*: Aaron badged into the data center and escorted Geoff inside the large room with its many blinking green lights.

: "After his previous escapades, Mary had scant reason to believe John."

: a scant allowance of provisions or water; a scant pattern of cloth for a garment

*: His sermon was scant, in all, a quarter of an hour.

*: Be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence.

: to scant someone in provisions; to scant ourselves in the use of necessaries

*: Scant not my cups.

*: where man hath a great living laid together and where he is scanted

*: I am scanted in the pleasure of dwelling on your actions.

: The wind scants.

*: So weak that he was scant able to go down the stairs.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: "A consise and comprehensive dictionary of general knowledge consisting of over 16,000 terse and original articles on nearly all subjects discussed in larger encyclopaedias,..."

*: You tell him silver is scarcer now in England, and therefore risen one fifth in value.

*: A region scarce of prey.

*: With a scarce well-lighted flame.

*: And so faintly you came tapping, tapping at my chamber door, That I scarce was sure that I heard you [...].

*: Yet had I scarce set foot in the passage when I stopped, remembering how once already this same evening I had played the coward, and run home scared with my own fears.

*: Upon the barred and slitted wall the splotched shadow of the heaven tree shuddered and pulsed monstrously in scarce any wind.

*: We had seven canoes, all of them dugouts. One was small, one was cranky, and two were old, waterlogged, and leaky. The other three were good.

: He got home from a long day at work tired and cranky.

*: Uncle Esau is as cranky as hell, and a peculiar old duck, but I think hell like a fine upstanding young man as big as you be.

*: He [the stag] calls to mind his strength and then his speed, / His winged heels and then his armed head.

*: the heel of a hunt

*: the heel of the white loaf

*: The bottom half, or the bun heel is placed in the carton, and the pickle slices spread evenly over the meat or cheese.

*: Freedman began his analysis by noting two important facts about professional wrestling: First, that heels triumph considerably more often than do babyfaces...

: rfquotek|Gwilt

*: I cannot sing, / Nor heel the high lavolt.

: The ship gave a heel to port.

: a ginger snap

: Itll be a snap to get that finished.

: I can fix most vacuum cleaners in a snap.

*: When I went to put my coat on at snap time, what should go runnin up my arm but a mouse.

: rfquotek|LEstrange

*: Hes a nimble fellow, / And alike skilled in every liberal science, / As having certain snaps of all.

: not worth a snap

*:By April 2014, over 700 million snaps are shared per day on Snapchat — more than Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks.

*:The oldest snaps will be deleted after 24 hours, and to keep the story going youll have to add new content regularly.

*:While Snapchat bases its whole product marketing on the auto-deletion of the snaps (images and videos) so that they are not stored, recent reports indicate otherwise.Webster 1913

: He snapped his stick in anger.

: If you bend it too much, it will snap.

*: But this weapon will snap short, unfaithful to the hand that employs it.

: Blazing firewood snaps.

: A dog snaps at a passenger. A fish snaps at the bait.

: She snapped at the chance to appear on television.

: He snapped at me for the slightest mistake.

: She should take a break before she snaps.

: The floating toolbar will snap to the edge of the screen when dragged towards it.

*: He, by playing too often at the mouth of death, has been snapped by it at last.

: rfquotek|Granville

: to snap a fastener

: to snap a whip

*: MacMorian snapped his fingers repeatedly.

: He snapped a picture of me with my mouth open and my eyes closed.

: He can snap the ball to a back twenty yards behind him.

: The gun snapped.

: Snap! Weve both got pink buckets and spades.

: "I just ran over your phone with my car." "Oh, snap!"

: "Wasnt that John?" "Wasnt that John?" "Snap!"

: a snap judgment or decision; a snap political convention

: ux|en|a leaning column

: ux|en|She leaned out of the window.

: ux|en|Im leaning towards voting Conservative in the next election.

*: They delight rather to lean to their old customs.

*: He leaned not on his fathers but himself.

*: His fainting limbs against an oak he leant.

: a lean budget; a lean harvest

: A lean ore hardly worth mining.

: Running on too lean a fuel-air mixture will cause, among other problems, your internal combustion engine to heat up too much.

: lean copy, matter, or type

: rfquotek|Ray

: ux|en|April fastened the buttons of her overcoat to keep out the wind.

: ux|en|Pat pushed the button marked "shred" on the blender.

: ux|en|Click the button that looks like a house to return to your browsers home page.

: ux|en|The politician wore a bright yellow button with the slogan "Vote Smart" emblazoned on it.

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

*: ux|en|He was a tall, fat, long-bodied man, buttoned up to the throat in a tight green coat.

: ux|en|The coat will not button.

: Ohhh, he just got kicked in the nuts!

: After living on the island alone for five years, he eventually went nuts.

: I just go nuts over her fantastic desserts.

: The referee made a bad call against the home team and the crowd went nuts.

: Nuts! They didnt even listen to what I had to say.

: ux|en|The key to solving this problem is persistence.

: ux|en|the key to winning a game

*: Those who are accustomed to reason have got the true key of books.

*: who keeps the keys of all the creeds

: ux|en|The key says that A stands for the accounting department.

: ux|en|Some students cheated by using the answer key.

: ux|en|Press the Escape key.

: ux|en|the key of B-flat major

*: A girl, it is true, has always lived in a glass house among reproving relatives, whose word was law; she has been bred up to sacrifice her judgments and take the key submissively from dear papa; and it is wonderful how swiftly she can change her tune into the husbands.

*: You fall at once into a lower key.

*: if you know someone who is in the channel, you can query them and ask for the key.

: ux|en|He shoots from the top of the key.

*: So starting with ten keys of cocaine and two keys of heroin, Derrick put his plan in motion. Soon every major drug dealer and gang chief from Chicago Avenue to Evanston was in his pocket.

: ux|en|The coat of arms of Regensburg is gules two keys in saltire argent.

: ux|en|The door panel should be sanded down carefully to provide a good key for the new paint.

: He is the key player on his soccer team.

*: Lukas intimates that one of Disneys key attractions was "Main Street USA,” which "mimicked a downtown business district just as Southdale" had done.

: She makes several key points.

*: So I worked on a tissue-paper copy of the perimeter plan, outlining groupings of plants of the same species and keying them with letters for the species.

*: The volume closes with thirty pages of "Notes, critical and explanatory," in which Thomson provides seventy-six longer or shorter notes keyed to specific sections of the synopsis.

*: Talk about similarities between the words and write them below to the left of the anchor, keying them with a plus sign (+). Talk about the characteristics that set the words apart and list them below the box to the right, keying them with a tilde sign (~).

*: Indicate the comparative value of each heading by keying it with a number in pencil, in the left margin, as follows:...

: Our instructor told us to key in our user IDs.

: He keyed the car that had taken his parking spot.

*: The American Heart Association has prepared their own guide to classification and, keying it with the Standard Nomenclature of Diseases, have done much to encourage a concise yet complete diagnosis.

: rfquotek|Francis

: "the Florida Keys"

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