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: A methane molecule is made up of a single carbon with four hydrogens.

*: He stepped back and opened his bag and took out a printed pad of D.O.A. forms and began to write over a carbon.

: He keeled over after having a stroke.

: Put some coals on the fire.

: Put some coal on the fire.

: Just as the camp-fire died down to just coals, with no flames to burn the marshmallows, someone dumped a whole load of wood on, so I gave up and went to bed.

*: The light shook and splintered in the puddles. A red glare came from an outward-bound steamer that was coaling.

*: As a result, particles of wood and twigs insufficiently coaled are frequently found at the bottom of such pits.

*: Charcoal of roots, coaled into great pieces.

: rfquotek|Camden

: to coal a steamer

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