kommen englanniksi   cum de, succor de, coming de, over de, arrive de, resort de, come de, jizz de


: He built a bus-cum-greenhouse that made a bold statement, but the plants in it didnt live very long.

*: He is too good an actor to need that sort of tomfoolery: the effect will be far better if he is a credible mining camp elder-cum-publican.

: But instead of being a salesperson cum barista cum waitress merely serving the wordsmiths, Im one of them, reading her latest baby out loud.

: We expect great things from you this coming year.

: She will have two or three paintings in the coming exhibition.

*: your coming days and years

: When he was fired, nobody was surprised or upset because they thought he had it coming.

: Ergonomic wallets are the coming thing.

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

: The show is over.

: ux|en|Lets talk over the project at tomorrows meeting.

: ux|en|Let me think that over.

: ux|en|Im going to look over our departments expenses.

: ux|en|Lets go over scene 3 from the top.

*: During the whole time of his abode in the university he generally spent thirteen hours of the day in study; by which assiduity besides an exact dispatch of the whole course of philosophy, he read over in a manner all classic authors that are extant...

: ux|en|He tipped the bottle over, and the water came gushing out.

: ux|en|That building just fell over!

: ux|en|He bent over to touch his toes.

: ux|en|Slide the toilet-paper dispensers door over when one roll is empty in order to reveal the other.

: ux|en|I moved over to make room for him to sit down.

: ux|en|Please pass that over to me.

: ux|en|He came over to our way of thinking on the new project.

: ux|en|Come over and play!

: ux|en|Ill bring over a pizza.

: ux|en|We stayed over at Grandmas.

: ux|en|Can I sleep over?

: ux|en|I lost my paper and I had to do the entire assignment over.

*: ...standard cash count forms used to record the count and any overs or unders.

: ux|en|Hold the sign up over your head.   climb up the ladder and look over [the roof]

*: Over them gleamed far off the crimson banners of morning.

: ux|en|There is a bridge over the river.

*: Certain lakes...poison birds which fly over them.

: ux|en|drape the fabric over the table;  there is a roof over the house

: ux|en|The dog jumped over the fence.

: ux|en|Ill go over [the fence] first and then help you.

: ux|en|Lets walk over the hill to get there.

: ux|en|I prefer the purple over the pink.

: ux|en|I think I’m over my limit for calories for today.

: ux|en|Sales are down this quarter over last.

: ux|en|four over two equals two over one

: ux|en|We got over the engineering problems and the prototype works great.

: ux|en|I am over my cold and feel great again.

: ux|en|I know the referee made a bad call, but you have to get over it [your annoyance with the referees decision].

: ux|en|She is finally over [the distress of] losing her job.

: ux|en|He is finally over his [distress over the loss of the relationship with his] ex-girlfriend.

*: Six diners in business clothes—five attractive young women and a balding middle-aged man—relax over cigarettes.

*: Sunday had been my favorite day at Woodlawn. A long W.A.A. [="work as assigned" period], having coffee and croissants with Mark over the Sunday Times.

*: Over meatloaf and mashed potatoes (being careful not to talk with his mouth full), Stanley told about his adventure.

: ux|en|The two boys had a fight over whose girlfriend was the best.

: ux|en|We triumphed over difficulties.

: ux|en|The bill was passed over the veto.

: ux|en|It was a fine victory over their opponents.

: How do you receive? Over!

: ux|en|We arrived at the hotel and booked in.

: ux|en|He had finally arrived on Broadway.

*: Evidence that the Irish had arrived socially was the abrupt decline in the number of newspaper articles accusing them of brawling and other crimes.

: The time has arrived for us to depart.

*: Happy! to whom this glorious death arrives.

*: Ere he arrive the happy isle.

*: Ere we could arrive the point proposed.

*: Arrive at last the blessed goal.

*: and made the sea-trod ship arrive them

: to have resort to violence

*: Join with me to forbid him her resort.

*: far from all resort of mirth

*: "If further sorting is required, begin anew with opcode = 0. opcode = -3 may be set to build an index file following an initial sort with opcode set to 0, or a resort with opcode set to -1.

*: Some ... know the resorts and falls of business that cannot sink into the main of it.

: ux|en|She’ll be coming ’round the mountain when she comes...

*: Look, who comes yonder?

*: I did not come to curse thee.

: ux|en|I called the dog, but she wouldnt come.

: ux|en|Stop dawdling and come here!

: ux|en|Hold on, Ill come in a second.

: ux|en|You should ask the doctor to come to your house.

: ux|en|No-one can find Bertie Wooster when his aunts come to visit.

: ux|en|Hundreds of thousands of people come to Disneyland every year.

: ux|en|King Cnut couldnt stop the tide coming.

: ux|en|He threw the boomerang, which came right back to him.

: ux|en|The butler should come when called.

: ux|en|The guests came at eight oclock.

: ux|en|The pain in his leg comes and goes.

*: when butter does refuse to come [i.e. to form]

: ux|en|Which letter comes before Y?   Winter comes after autumn.

: ux|en|He came after a few minutes.

: ux|en|They came very close to leaving on time.   His test scores came close to perfect.

: ux|en|One of the screws came loose, and the skateboard fell apart.

: ux|en|He came to SF literature a confirmed technophile, and nothing made him happier than to read a manuscript thick with imaginary gizmos and whatzits.

: ux|en|He was a dream come true.

*: How come you thus estranged?

: ux|en|Hes as tough as they come.   Our milkshakes come in vanilla, strawberry and chocolate flavours.

: ux|en|You cant come any tricks here.

: ux|en|This kind of accident comes when you are careless.

*: While Kate Roberts came from a poor background and, later in life, in the post-Second World War period suffered from severe money shortages, in the early 1930s, she and her husband must have counted themselves relatively well off, particularly in comparison with their neighbours in Tonypandy.

: ux|en|Where did you come from?

: ux|en|She comes from a good family.

: ux|en|He comes from a disreputable legal firm.

*: “If we count three before the come of thee, thwacked thou art, and must go to the women.”

: Leave it to settle for about three months and, come Christmas time, youll have a delicious concoctions to offer your guests.

: Come retirement, their Social Security may turn out to be a lot less than they counted on.

*: Come the final whistle, Mikel Arteta lay flabbergasted on the turf.

: ux|en|Come come! Stop crying.  Come now! You must eat it.

: ux|en|Come come! You can do it.  Come now! It wont bite you.

*: “Im through with all pawn-games,” I laughed. “Come, let us have a game of lansquenet. Either I will take a farewell fall out of you or you will have your sevenfold revenge”.

*: A West Coast Irishman was familiar with the wild creatures which dwelt on or visited his rocks and shores; at a glance he could name them, usually correctly, but if asked how he knew them would reply ‘By their "jizz".’.

*: Political cartoonists rely a lot on jizz. When a new president or prime minister comes into office it usually takes the cartoonists a little while to decide which features to select as field marks but they then stylise these in ways that make them instantly recognisable to the rest of us, even though they may be grossly exaggerated.

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