konkreettinen englanniksi   concrete


: Fuzzy videotapes and distorted sound recordings are not concrete evidence that bigfoot exists.

: Once arrested, I realized that handcuffs are concrete, even if my concept of what is legal wasn’t.

*: The names of individuals are concrete, those of classes abstract.

*: Concrete terms, while they express the quality, do also express, or imply, or refer to, some subject to which it belongs.

*: The first concrete state, or consistent surface, of the chaos must be of the same figure as the last liquid state.

: The office building had concrete flower boxes out front.

: The road was made of concrete that had been poured in large slabs.

*: "...upon the suppos’d m|en|analysis|Analysis made by the fire, of the former sort of Concretes, there are wont to emerge Bodies resembling those which they take for the Elements...

*: Besides cones, Curleys serves sundaes, and concretes—custard with all sorts of yummy goodness blended in, like pecans, caramel, almonds, ...

*: When Nudger and Claudia were finished eating they drove to the Ted Drewes frozen custard stand on Chippewa and stood in line for a couple of chocolate chip concretes.

*: The concretes "father" and "son" have, or might have, the abstracts "paternity" and "filiety".

: I hate grass, so I concreted over my lawn.

*: Just so economics has concreted the concept of capital.

*: The blood of some who died of the plague could not be made to concrete.

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