koristella englanniksi   trim fi, adorn fi, ornament fi, apparel fi, garnish fi, curl fi, decorate fi, emblazon fi


: ux|en|Place the screen material in the frame, secure it in place, and trim the edges.

: ux|en|The company trimmed jobs for the second time this year.

: ux|en|A ranch steak is usually trimmed of all excess fat. (present perfect example)

*: A rotten building newly trimmed over.

*: I was trimmed in Julias gown.

: ux|en|They traditionally trim the tree on Christmas Eve.

*: The captain made us trim the boat, and we got her to lie a little more evenly.

*: The hermit trimmed his little fire.

: Paint the house white with blue trim.

: I went to the hairdresser for a trim but came back nearly bald.

*: seeing him just pass the window in his woodland trim

: The car comes in three different trims.

: to be in good trim

: rfquotek|Chapman

: ux|en|He goes jogging every day to keep in trim.

: ux|en|a trim figure

: ux|en|a trim lawn

*: ...manhood is melted into curtsies, valour into compliment, and men are only turned into tongue, and trim ones too: he is now as valiant as Hercules that only tells a lie and swears it.

*: “A tight little craft,” was Austin’s invariable comment on the matron; and she looked it, always trim and trig and smooth of surface like a converted yacht cleared for action. ¶ Near her wandered her husband, orientally bland, invariably affable,nb....

: The vessel sailed trimly out of harbour.-->

: a man adorned with noble statuary and columns

: a character adorned with every Christian grace

: a gallery of paintings was adorned with the works of some of the great masters

*: as a bride adorneth herself with her jewels

*: At church, with meek and unaffected grace, / His looks adorned the venerable place.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: Like that long-buried body of the king / Found lying with his urns and ornaments.

*: Im a bit short on brain myself; the old bean would appear to have been constructed more for ornament than for use.

: We will ornament the windows with trim to make the room seem brighter.

: The editor ornamented his plain writing, making it fancier but less clear.

*: fresh in his new apparel, proud and young

*: At public devotion his resigned carriage made religion appear in the natural apparel of simplicity.

: Ships . . . appareled to fight. --Hayward.

: They which are gorgeously appareled, and live delicately, are in kings courts. --Luke vii. 25.

*: All within with flowers was garnished.

: By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. (Job 26:13, KJV)

: rfquotek|Johnson

*: The accounts of collegiate and monastic institutions give abundant entries of the price of pewter vessels, called also garnish.

*: So are you, sweet, / Even in the lovely garnish of a boy.

*: Matter and figure they produce; / For garnish this, and that for use.

: rfquotek|Fielding

*: ...she took it down, looked long and fondly at it, then, shaking her curls about her face, as if to hide the act, pressed it to her lips and seemed to weep over it in an uncontrollable paroxysm of tender grief.

*: ... the backs of their necks and their forelegs are decorated with curls and their necks and bodies are covered with fine, undulating lines.

*: It is possible to use the wind which blows from the left to the right by playing well into the wind with the slightest bit of curl on the ball […]

*: Now do a curl and an overhead press, keeping your palms facing in.

*: In 2D, when Q is a polygonal domain, the singularities of Type (2) disappear because ? is the scalar curl of u and is such that its vectorial curl is zero.

: ux|en|The curl of the vector field \vec{F}=(xyz,xyz,xyz) is the vector field \vec{\nabla}\times\vec{F}=(xz-xy,xy-yz,yz-xz).

*: These potatoes, however, planted the next year, have a fair yield, untouched by the curl.

: ux|en|The one-piece back is of a medium curl.

*: He picked the ball up about forty yards out on the left wing, left a trail of Arsenal defenders in his wake, and curled the ball round Geoff Barnett as he came right out into the far corner.

*: She curls her spine; she wedges a pillow between her knees.

*: It seemed to me that Mr. St. Johns under lip protruded, and his upper lip curled a moment.

*: Clouds curled down from the mountains.

*: The ball curled to a stop within six inches of the hole.

: ux|en|I curl at my local club every weekend.

*: When curling the weight, bring the barbell up toward the chin, then return it to its starting position. Keep your elbows and upper arms as immobile as possible to isolate the biceps.

*: Curl their locks with bodkins and with braid.

*: There was also hairdressing: hairdressing, too, really was hairdressing in those times — no running a comb through it and that was that. It was curled, frizzed, waved, put in curlers overnight, waved with hot tongs;nb....

*: Thicker than the snaky locks / That curled Megaera.

*: Curling with metaphors a plain intention.

*: Seas would be pools without the brushing air / To curl the waves.

: It makes sure that the field name argument is not empty, and that the field specified there is an actual existing field in the class which declares the method decorated with this attribute.

: The benefactors image is emblazoned on our memory.

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