korrelaatti englanniksi   correlative, antecedent


*: If we reinterpret these phenomena in terms of a consistently
game-playing model of behavior, the need to distinguish be-
tween primary and secondary gains disappears. The correla-
tive necessity to estimate the relative significance of physio-
logical needs and dammed-up impulses on the one hand, and
of social and interpersonal factors on the other, also vanishes.
Since needs and impulses cannot be said to exist in human
social life without specified rules for dealing with them, in-
stinctual needs cannot be considered solely in terms of biologi-
cal rules, but must also be viewed in terms of their psycho-
social significance—that is, as parts of the game.

: an event antecedent to the Biblical Flood

: an antecedent cause

: an antecedent improbability

*: [W]hereas it might seem orderly that, as who is appropriated to persons, so that should have been appropriated to things ... the antecedent of that is often personal.

*: One such condition can be formulated in terms of the
c-command relation defined in (9) above: the relevant condition is given in (16)
        An anaphor must have an appropriate c-commanding antecedent

: rfex

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