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: The child was in the nannys charge.

*: He had the key of a closet in which the moneys of this fund were kept, but the outer key of the vault, of which the closet formed part, was in the charge of another person.

: The child was a charge of the nanny.

: The ship had a charge of colonists and their belongings.

: There will be a charge of five dollars.

: I gave him the charge to get the deal closed by the end of the month.

: Pickett did not die leading his famous charge.

*: well nail the sophist to it, if we can get him on that charge;

: Thats a slanderous charge of abuse of trust.

: to bring a weapon to the charge

*: many suchlike ass of great charge

*: the charging of childrens memories with rules

*: Moses ... charged you to love the Lord your God.

*: Cromwell, I charge thee, fling away ambition.

: Im charging you with assault and battery.

: to charge high for goods

: Will I get charged for this service?

: Lets charge this to marketing.

: Can I charge my Amazon purchase to Paypal?

: Can I charge this purchase?

*: No more accuse thy pen, but charge the crime / On native sloth, and negligence of time.

*: to charge me to an answer

: to charge an architectural member with a moulding

: He charges three roses.

: He charges his shield with three roses or.

: Charge your weapons; were moving up.

*: their battering cannon charged to the mouths

: Rubbing amber with wool will charge it quickly.

: He charged the battery overnight.

: Dont forget to charge the drill.

: I charge my phone every night.

: The battery is still charging: I cant use it yet.

: His cell phone charges very quickly, whereas mine takes forever.

: The impetuous corps charged the enemy lines.

: ux|en|The total cost of the new complex was an estimated $1.5 million.

: ux|en|We have to cut costs if we want to avoid bankruptcy.

: ux|en|The average cost of a new house is twice as much as t was 20 years ago.

: ux|en|There were many costs to the development project, the least of all was the financial aspect.

: ux|en|If you train all the time, there will be a few costs such as a lack of free time.

: ux|en|This shirt cost $50, while this was cheaper at only $30.

: ux|en|It will cost you a lot of money to take a trip around the world.

*: Thus the red damask curtains which now shut out the fog-laden, drizzling atmosphere of the Marylebone Road, had cost a mere song, and yet they might have been warranted to last another thirty years. A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor;nb....

: ux|en|Trying to rescue the man from the burning building cost them their lives.

*: though it cost me ten nights watchings

*: to do him wanton rites, which cost them woe

*: LUKE: "That little droid is going to cost me a lot of trouble."

: ux|en|Id cost the repair work at a few thousand.

*: betwixt the costs of a ship

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