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*: There existed only one specimen of this sacred tree in all Mexico, at least to the knowledge of the Mexicans; ... In spite, however, of the firmest convictions of the indivisibility of this tree — the Manitas, as it is commonly called — it has been propagated by cuttings, some of which are at this moment thriving in some of the larger stoves of our modern collectors.

*: Let but these facts lie contrasted with the treatment they usually receive in the stoves of this country, and the reason why they never grow to any considerable size, attain to any degree of perfection, or flourish to any extent ...

*: When most of the waiters were commanded away to their supper, the parlour or stove being nearly emptied, in came a company of musketeers.

*: How tedious is it to them that live in stoves and caves half a year together, as in Iceland, Muscovy, or under the pole![[Category:en:Home appliances]]

: to stove feathers

: to stove orange trees

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: label|en|chiefly|US|Canada ux|en|The drain in the kitchen sink is clogged.

: ux|en|That rental property is a drain on our finances.

: The clogged sink drained slowly.

: The water of low ground drains off.

: Please drain the sink. Its full of dirty water.

: They had to drain the swampy land before the parking lot could be built.

: The stress of this job is really draining me.

*: Fountains drain the water from the ground adjacent.

*: But it was not alone that he drained their treasure and hampered their industry.

*: Salt water, drained through twenty vessels of earth, hath become fresh.

*: When a ball finally drains, its gulped down by a giant gator beneath the set of flippers.

: ux|en|The karate instructor said "air is the one thing you cant go five minutes without; when you spar, you have to remember to breathe."

: ux|en|The flock of birds took to the air.

: ux|en|There was a tension in the air which made me suspect an approaching storm.

: ux|en|to give it an air of artistry and [[sophistication]]

*: Smalling’s quick one-two of yellow cards towards the end of the first half had left an air of inevitability about what would follow and, if anything, it was probably a surprise that City restricted themselves to Sergio Agüero’s goal bearing in mind another of United’s defenders, Marcos Rojo, was taken off on a stretcher early in the second half with a dislocated shoulder.

*: The girl stooped to pluck a rose, and as she bent over it, her profile was clearly outlined. She held the flower to her face with a long-drawn inhalation, then went up the steps, crossed the piazza, opened the door without knocking, and entered the house with the air of one thoroughly at home.

*: "He is very plain, undoubtedly--remarkably plain:--but that is nothing compared with his entire want of gentility. I had no right to expect much, and I did not expect much; but I had no idea that he could be so very clownish, so totally without air. I had imagined him, I confess, a degree or two nearer gentility."

: ux|en|putting on airs

*: "If I," said Mr. Collins, "were so fortunate as to be able to sing, I should have great pleasure, I am sure, in obliging the company with an air; for I consider music as a very innocent diversion, and perfectly compatible with the profession of a clergyman..."

: ux|en|Could you turn on the air?

: ux|en|Hey, did you mean to leave the airs on all week while you were on vacation?

: Its getting quite [[stuffy]] in this room: lets open the windows and air it.

*: Thus, in spite of all opposition, the rural and urban assemblies retained the germ of local government, and in spite of the dual control, as the result of which much of their influence was nullified, they did have a certain value in airing abuses and suggesting improvements.

: ux|en|Could you hand me a dry towel?

: ux|en|My throat feels itchy and dry.

: ux|en|Cover the chicken as it bakes or itll get too dry.

*: The weather, we agreed, was too dry for the season.

*: Not a dry eye was to be seen in the assembly.

: ux|en|Dry alcohol is 200 proof.

*: Give the dry fool drink.

: ux|en|I like to take a dry sherry before lunch on Sundays.

: ux|en|A former alcoholic, hes been dry for almost a year now.

: ux|en|Youll have to drive out of this dry county to find any liquor.

: ux|en|It was a dry house.

*: He was rather a dry, shrewd kind of body.

: ux|en|The cow is dry.

: ux|en|a very dry lecture on archaeology

*: These epistles will become less dry, more susceptible of ornament.

*: The drys were as unhappy with the second part of the speech as the wets were with the first half.

: The clothes dried on the line.

: Devin dried her eyes with a handkerchief.

: Their sources of income dried up.

: The stream of chatter dried up.

*: And drynke whan þow dryest · ac do nou?t out of resoun.

: A decrepit, exhausted old man at fifty-five. --Motley.

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