kypsyä englanniksi   cure, ripe, mature, cook, ripen


*: Past hope! past cure!

*: I do cures to-day and to-morrow.

*: Cold, hunger, prisons, ills without a cure.

*: the proper cure of such prejudices

*: Of study took he most cure and most heed.

*: vicarages of great cure, but small value

*: The appropriator was the incumbent parson, and had the cure of the souls of the parishioners.

: ux|en|Unaided nature cured him.

*: Whose smile and frown, like to Achilles spear, / Is able with the change to kill and cure.

: ux|en|Unaided nature cured his ailments.

: ux|en|Experience will cure him of his naïveté.

: ux|en|The smoke and heat cures the meat.

: ux|en|The meat was put in the smokehouse to cure.

: ux|en|The parts were curing in the autoclave.

*: One desperate grief cures with anothers languish.

*: So mayst thou live, till, like ripe fruit, thou drop / Into thy mothers lap.

*: He was a scholar, and a ripe and good one.

*: while things were just ripe for a war

*: I am not ripe to pass sentence on the gravest public bodies.

*: Those happy smilets, / That played on her ripe lip.

*: Alonso: And Trinculo is reeling-ripe: where should they / Find this grand liquor that hath gilded them? / How camst thou in this pickle?

*: ALONSO: ... Slubber not business for my sake, Bassanio, / But stay the very riping of the time; ...

: She is quite mature for her age.

: The headmaster decided to expel the boy after a mature consideration.

: Police found two meth cooks working in the illicit lab.

*: By late October, the pressure on the Dark Arrows ecstasy cook had eased. Other suppliers had moved in with product.

*: Owsley Stanley was a pioneer LSD cook, and the Purple Owsley pill from his now-defunct lab was Dads prized possession, a rare, potent, druggie collectors item, the alleged inspiration for the Hendrix song “Purple Haze.”

: Im cooking bangers and mash.

: Hes in the kitchen, cooking.

: The dinner is cooking on the stove.

: Look at that poor dog shut up in that car on a day like today - it must be cooking in there.

: I always cook my [[frag]]s, in case they try to grab one and throw it back.

*: The process of cooking meth can leave residue on surfaces all over the home, exposing all of its occupants to the drug.

*: They all of them receive the same advices from abroad, and very often in the same words; but their way of cooking it is so different.

: Watch this band: they cook!

: Crank up the Coltrane and start cooking!

*: This album is called Cookin’ at Miles’ request. He said, “After all, that’s what we did – came in and cooked.”

: On the Wagner piece, the orchestra was cooking!

*: The tempos were swift. The orchestra cooked, reading [conductor] Kahanes mind and swinging with him as one.

*: Constant cuckoos cook on every side.

*: Cook me that ball.[[Category:1000 English basic words]][[Category:English ergative verbs]][[Category:en:Food and drink]][[Category:en:Occupations]]----

: Grapes ripen in the sun.

*: ...the desert soil of the Great Basin is as rich in the elements that in rainy regions rise and ripen into food as that of any other State in the Union.

: When faith and love, which parted from thee never, Had ripined thy iust soul to dwell with God. --Milton.

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